Ring Tone I Don’t Understand [OT]

Maybe somebody here can figure this out…

My wife phoned me yesterday; and instead of a default ring, I heard… well, the wrong kind of Ring. I heard “Ride of the Valkyries.”

Which would be fine, except I never set that as the ring tone for calls from my wife’s phone. And I don’t have that music in my phone. Anywhere.

Nonetheless… Ride of the Valkyries

The next time she called me, I heard the usual default ring tone — so I  have no idea what happened earlier. The most logical hypothesis at this moment is that this wasn’t a ring tone at all: at the very moment she called me, an army of Valkyries just happened to be flying past.

(She later decided, by the way, that she wants that music to be her ring tone on my phone — specifically, the Elmer Fudd cover version)


  1. A friend at work once told me “I don’t think I’m familiar with any Wagner”, and I told him “I’m sure you are but you just don’t have it tagged that way.” And indeed Ride of the Valkyries was familiar, tho I may have referenced it via “the smell of Napalm in the morning” rather than “Kill the Wabbit!”.

  2. I don’t understand it either, but I love that you shared it.

    And your wife is definitely a keeper.

  3. I don’t want to alarm you, but it seems likely that your phone is possessed by an unseen spirit. Now, it’s not necessarily a HOSTILE unseen spirit, but why gamble on the benevolence of this denizen of the Other World?

  4. Oh, I’ve known for years that my phone was possessed: it turns apps on and off, calls people, and last month summoned an Uber — all when I was in no physical contact with the phone, so butt-dialing or butt-whatevering wasn’t an explanation.

    But at least these were all things the phone was physically capable of doing: playing music not in the phone’s memory is a new one.

  5. Oh, the answer is obvious: IBB lost his phone, went to the shop and convinced them to clone YOUR phone as his replacement copy.

  6. Such strange behavior may indicate that the device is under external (viral and/or bot-related) control. I would back up the data and do a hard reset.

  7. EVERYONE is familiar with Wagner.

    Here comes the bride, here comes the bride.

  8. When it rings, does she sing “kill the Willwyum, kill the Willwyum” under her breath? And get that little smile?

  9. lARK and Norm beat me to it!

    Is it possible that someone near you received a phone call at the same time and their ringtone was louder than yours?

    By the way – this did make me take my phone out and check the ring tone. It has ringing setting for general calls. but I change it to a harpsichord ring tone from Colonial Williamsburg when we are at reenactment events. I don’t want to shut it off at events and this way it sounds right. (One time we were at CW and were going in for an evening program at the Governor’s Palace. The employees asked everyone to shut off their cell phones as “you don’t want to ruin the music program”. Robert pointed out to me that the person playing would be playing on the ring tone also.)

    I do use other ringers. Robert’s calls and texts plays the James Bond theme. Why? Well other than him being a huge fan, in my earlier phones I did not always hear the ringer and I did always hear this one. I have all the members of our reenactment unit set to the harpsichord. My family and my friends from my embroidery group have a different music ringer, which I can actually not remember right now.

  10. I just told Robert about this. Apparently there is some way with a special app that some cell phone company has that will let one set a special ringer for one’s self and it will ring on the phone of the people one calls. Does your wife have the ringer on her phone?

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