1. Candidates for office have been, just sometimes, known to exaggerate their abilities and experience. Today’s youth might not yet be cynical enough to account for this lack of complete accuracy, since in addition to being young and inexperienced, their chief trusted fact-checker is ALSO known to convey the odd untruth from time to time.

  2. It looks like the candidate for office is the woman on the left with her head in her hands in the last panel – she has the same hairbun, for instance, as the character in the ad spot storyboard the youngster is leading the grownups through. So in this case it seems unlikely the candidate herself made the exaggerated claim as she is the one saying “Hold it”. Over-enthusiastic interns, volunteers and juniors seem to have researched this (inaccurately) from online resources and not got it from the horse’s mouth.

  3. narmitaj has it right. The candidate is actually a veteran, but she can’t hand-build a helicopter blindfolded and she knows it.

  4. I was once an aircraft weapons system technician. The F-4 has a number of weapons systems which the technician has to handle by fieel, because the access panel does not provide for visual inspection.

    This is challenging enough, but there are complicating factors. First, the F-4 sits low to the ground, so the technician is kneeling on the ground under the plane when accessing the missile launchers, and many components of the airplane are “safety wired”, which is the mechanism that prevents bolts from vibrating loose but involves leaving sharp ends to the wire sticking out to catch the fingers, hands, and arms inserted into the aircraft.

    So, I don’t think you can assemble an entire AH-64 by touch… several parts such as the turbine are too heavy to left, and require precision placement using tools. But if a person claimed to be able to assemble certain specific subsystems by touch alone, I wouldn’t discount the idea out of hand.

    Of course, neither assembling a rifle nor an attack helicopter has anything to do with running a government.

  5. Being able to assemble an attack helicopter is a pretty good indication that you really did serve in the military (unless you worked in the factory that made the helicopters), and saying that you know what it’s like to serve in the military is a pretty good indication that you did NOT serve in the military.

  6. The thing is, one person’s experience in the military doesn’t necessarily indicate understanding of someone else’s experience in the military. My service came in between Vietnam and Gulf War I, and reflects neither one. I can listen to people who served in either conflict, and there’s a (tiny) bit of overlap of my experience and theirs, but I don’t really know what it was like.

    I don’t think that military service, in and of itself, is really related to governing.

  7. The reason the subject of the proposed ad is assembling an AH-64 helicopter is because the candidate (Melissa Wheeler) was a helicopter mechanic when she was in the military.

  8. Military service, in and of itself, is not really related to governing. But that doesn’t matter so long as voters think it is.

  9. “But that doesn’t matter so long as voters think it is.”

    There’s a good argument that large numbers of them don’t. Ask President Kerry.

  10. We’re currently in an era where many people of politician age are former draft-dodgers. In this environment, actual military service provides moral high ground. At least to many people, even if most of them are probably hypocrites.

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