1. Here’s a fun fact: This is the first time since 1968 that every MLB team is playing on opening day.

  2. Baseball = boring. Except what I saw at the Metrodome. High fly ball deep to right field, runner on second. Kirby Puckett made the catch. The runner tagged up and took off. Kirby threw a frozen rope that, with one bounce right into the third baseman’s glove, beat the runner to third. Out. I miss Kirby.

  3. “In St. Louis…”

    In Portland, there isn’t even a baseball team. Anyone who’s interested in competitive (local) baseball is looking at NCAA schedules, not MLB.

  4. “Here’s a fun fact: This is the first time since 1968 that every MLB team is playing on opening day.”

    Except that they didn’t, since one NL game was rained out.

    I suppose the Reds and the Nationals might have sat around in their individual clubhouses and played cards, though, and if so maybe that counts.

  5. I should have said “scheduled to play”. At the time of my original post I don’t know if any of the games had started yet.

  6. @Terrence Feenstra

    I agree, in general, that baseball is boring. Painfully boring on TV. I have seen one professional game in person and it was much more interesting than TV. I stayed for the full 12 innings.

  7. I used to think that. Then I was stuck in a hotel room with only a TV for company for the 1997 World Series, which proceeded to go into the 11th inning of game 7. That was some baseball.

  8. At least I understand the rules of baseball, so I can follow the game. This is not the case with either hockey or soccer. I never liked basketball (I credit this to being very short as a kid) but the fact that it takes half an hour to play the last two minutes of a game certainly don’t help.

  9. To me, hockey is the sport where viewing in person versus TV makes the biggest difference. Especially in modern arenas which have better sitelines these days. My buddy has season tickets for the Blues, so I go to about 25-35 games per year (depending on playoffs, which is looking dicey this year).

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