1. Yep, those both qualify as ewwws.
    It’s a good thing that couple doesn’t have furniture to sit on or we wouldn’t have been able to see the joke.
    Of course if they had been sitting on the floor but are now standing we could say that they’d been scared sitless.

  2. I would have thought that the first one should get a geezer tag. Didn’t MLB try to eliminate chewing tobacco from the game a long time ago? Or are there still spittoons in dugouts today?

  3. P.S. I was going to point out that the “U” in “Uber” should be umlauted (“Über“), but then I noticed that the vehicle has exactly the same color as a standard German taxicab.

  4. I was going to make the same point as Kilby in his first post. I turned my back on MLB after they canceled the World Series in 1994, and there had been an effort for several years at that point to eliminate chewing tobacco in the dugout. A lot of players had switched over to sunflower seeds, so I guess you could make the same joke with sunflower seed shells. For that matter, is chewing tobacco still much of a thing. It was pretty in for certain groups in the early 90s, but the trend was pretty much over by the end of the decade as far as I was aware.

  5. Yuck for sure!

    I thought the viewers in the second one might be kids. Which in some way I can’t quite explain would make it a little less severe.

  6. RE: MLB

    Mostly correct. Banned in the minors for many years, they finally banned it (sort of) in the majors last year. Players that already had a major-league contract before 2017 are exempt, but any new players are not permitted.

    The penalties are pretty weak, but I’m not aware of anyone that was targeted for enforcement last year. In addition, several cities already have bans at stadiums (that apply to players as well).

    As to whether it’s still a thing, a report a couple of years ago (prior to the MLB rule changes) showed about 30% of players use smokeless tobacco. Cameras try not to show use, but it’s quite common in dugouts. There’s still lots of back pockets with circular wear spots.

  7. DemetriosX – 1994, the year that 1860s and 1880s baseball became a big feature at the local restoration village which continues to this day.

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