1. He admits to mistakes in the past, but not the ones that landed him in prison. He misspelled some words.

  2. Or possibly, he wrote some innocent letters that turned out to be incriminating because of some spelling error.

    PS, glad to see you back, Bill!

  3. I have more problems with spellcheck activated than without it. Not only does it breed a sense of false confidence, the automatic “corrections” often make stupid mistakes that are worse than any typo.

    P.S. This is my second attempt to submit this comment. I was expecting it to vanish into moderation, but what I got instead was a demand from WordPress to log into their system. Since doing that, the normal CIDU-“ID” fields are gone, but there’s no indication about what happened to that first attempt.

    P.P.S. It’s nice to see that Gravatars are working, at least on the temporary implementation.

  4. Just playing with expectations. The first part implies that he’s going to admit to indiscretions that landed him in prison, but then he shifts to something mundane and presumably legal. He’s in prison not for youthful mistakes, but rather for stuff he did with full knowledge of wrongdoing.

  5. (Oh good, back in business! )

    There is the convention of people in trouble saying “Yes, I’ve made some mistakes.” (Already a form of minimization short of apology and restitution if possible.) But as swazoo points out, he isn’t even doing that – he swerves it to be about spelling errors.

  6. i see two possibilities:

    1. That was one hell of a typo.

    2. He’d rather talk about anything other than what *really* led to his conviction.

  7. Welcome back, Bill. Point of information: if one has a WordPress.com account, instead of being moderated one is just asked to log in. There must be a cookie somewhere. Welcome to WordPress.com, by the way–my own Reasonably Literate is also hosted here.

    Suggestion: you might want to expose an RSS feed on the home page. Currently the only way to subscribe seems to be via the WordPress “Reader”.

  8. I speculate that your theme doesn’t have the automatic links? The theme I’m using puts the feeds link in the Meta section at the right edge. Let me look at those settings (which I haven’t changed in years).

    I’m using the Blaskan theme. In the Primary Widget Area I have the Meta widget, which includes feeds as well as administrative stuff. Can you put a Meta widget on your page in this theme?

  9. In the early days of home computers – before email – Robert wrote a letter to a friend of his and printed it out to send. He then handed it to me and asked if I wanted to add anything. I looked through the letter and he had used the wrong to/two/too (I forget which) and mentioned it to him. “But I used spell check!” I explained that spell check only looks to see if the word exists in its dictionary. He crossed out the error and corrected it and wrote in the margin – “That is why wives are better than spell checkers.”

  10. Following on Carlfink’s clues, and working in Twenty Fifteen in a site on WordPress.com, I did’t see a Meta widget, but rather two widgets titled something about RSS.

    It turns out the one just called “RSS” is not the one wanted for this (what it does is picks up the RSS for some other site and displays links to the articles).

    The widget called “RSS Links” is the one you want for this, displaying links to your own site’s RSS feeds.

  11. @AaronB, I see a lot more than 2 comments. Something’s up with your system. (Why are the comments not numbered? Bill, is that a setting in your theme?)

  12. @carlfink, I see all the comments now. My own comment didn’t show up either, but that’s probably because it went to moderation or spam. It must have been some weird glitch with the site that day.

  13. Chip, I didn’t see that until you pointed it out (and I hope it’s actually accidental), but when I read your comment in email-notification without the cartoon handy to see, I thought it was about another cartoon I saw recently where a name began with digits 88, unobtrusively but I thought intentionally.

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