Top bird

This was sent both by Emma who says “It may be simple, but I just don’t get it!  Thanks!” and by padraig who claims “I actually did get this, but it was more like a picture puzzle than a cartoon”.

And padraig tries to clue us on what he meant by a picture puzzle by adding “The pigeon is standing on a…..” But if he’s being a stool-pigeon, why is it what the cardinal will say that is being made an issue? I’m still thinking mostly they are contesting who will be the top dog, erm, bird.

(And by the way, as long as it’s still signed as Wayno & Piraro we think it should be tagged as both Wayno and Piraro. And their blogs often discuss their collaboration, and make it clear that altho Wayno scripts and draws the Mon-Sat cartoons, Piraro consults and gives a lot of input as well.)

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, December 5th, 2021

Let’s assume none of this crowd needs help with the allusion here!

Oh my, a sad-LOL from the Moon.

Well well, so the “Wake up and take your sleeping pill!” joke goes back a hundred years.

I suppose this does turn on word play, but it’s a LOL just as easily, and this list is maybe a touch short. (And ngl, I read it on Saturday evening so too late for today’s OYs and next week’s list isn’t set up yet.)

Saturday Morning Oys – December 4th, 2021

Here’s a funny pun from Boise Ed:

The dancer’s foot-across move in the last panel seems like just the right punctuation to signal a punch line, much like a rim shot. (Have there been tap-dancing stand-up-comedy acts?)

Picked this one up from Arnold Zwicky’s blog, where there is a full description and analysis.

And I just was watching Beanie Feldstein.

Special down at Sartre’s

I did find out from a search* that there is a (supposedly) common idiom “money for old rope” meaning something like “easy money”. That doesn’t explain what it’s doing here, really.

Also, is the setting at Sartre’s more meaningful or decorative?

(*And that professional etymologists don’t much like the folk etymology about shipboard use of rope to caulk gaps in wood planks.)

 “Hell is other people” Department

(This one below not a CIDU; more of a LOL.)

When I was saving and then posting the Lard above, I thought the Sartre’s store was one of their fairly frequent locales; but I didn’t find one, on a quick backwards scroll thru the recent archive. Fine, so I treated it as unusual and made it part of this post’s title. And then a couple days later they give us this:

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 28th, 2021

From Le Vieux Lapin:

And still from Le Vieux Lapin, and for that matter still about bees:

Le Vieux Lapin still on a roll!

This linked (not copied nor link-embedded) Far Side provides an explanation for one of the great Netherlands floods. Link probably not valid after 2021/12/08.

An Ewww-LOL from Reality Check: