FAQ: CIDU’s and Don’ts

Cidu Bill on Mar 16th 2017

  • New address for submissions: CiduBill at gmx.com

  • First and foremost, the CIDU page is a place for people who love comics, and the artists deserve respect.  So if all you have to say is “There’s no point discussing this comic strip because I hate it and the artist should never be allowed to work in this business again,” that’s both non-productive and unwelcome here.
  • Likewise “This is so obvious, what’s wrong with all you people who don’t get it?” This is my virtual living room, and both my guests and I expect to be treated with respect. Also, Fun Fact, at least half the time somebody opens with “This is so obvious,” it turns out they’re wrong.
  • Another Fun Fact: at least 90% of the time when somebody sends me a CIDU, I explain it by return mail.That’s what makes this all so interesting: what one person understands and another doesn’t can be unpredictably subjective.
  • Regarding Moderation: If it’s your first time commenting, or you use a really naughty word, your comment will be held for moderation (I’ll probably free it within a few hours). Your comment might also be held for moderation for reasons nobody can figure out. Maybe sunspots. But don’t take it personally and please don’t re-post the same message a half dozen more times because it’ll only clog the Moderation Folder.
  • The site is updated with a new CIDU every weekday at 12:02am Eastern Time — except for an indefinite period following both “spring forward” and “fall back,” when WordPress is still trying to figure out the time change. Then the comic could go live either an hour earlier or an hour later, pretty much randomly. Don’t ask.Other posts might be scattered throughout the day, but the 12:02am update is a constant.
  • Sundays we run Comics That Made Us Laugh Out Loud, for comics you and I really, really liked over the past week. Saturdays are reserved for special categories such as comics that made us say EwwwAwww, or Oy. There’s also the Arlo Page (comics you don’t want to explain to the kids) and the related Arlo Award (comics that appeared in mainstream newspapers which somehow slipped by the syndicate’s censors — this being one of the more blatant examples).By the way, the Arlo Page is named after Arlo Guthrie. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.
  • Sometimes we’ll notice two comic strips using a nearly-identical gag on the same day for no apparent reason. When that happens I’ll post them both, noting the synchronicity. Just because. These rarely call out for explanation.In December of 2000, we began the ChadWatch, for comics that attempt to mine humor from that year’s presidential elections, usually by making references to hanging chads. The goal here was to try to pinpoint the very last chad-related gag (because seriously, the joke was well past played out by the time Bush took office). I never suspected that more than 16 years later, we’d still be collecting them.

  • I run the website for Crime, Justice & America magazine, and I link here to any articles I think might appeal to the people visiting CIDU. These always include “CJA” in the subject line (except when I forget). Currently, though, most of the content is showing up on the magazine’s Facebook page.
  • We don’t encourage artists to explain their own comics, because they’ve already had their chance to make us understand. Also, it’s more fun this way.
  • Finally, if you have anything to send me — a comic you don’t understand, an Arlo or ChadWatch candidate, a suggestion, whatever — please e-mail me at cidubill at gmx.com. Even if you know my personal address, please use the CIDU address for submissions: less likely to get lost in the shuffle.When you’re submitting a comic, please (if possible) give me a link to it, and attach it — because sometimes attachments don’t survive the trip, and sometimes links don’t work. Just for the record, if you send me a link that contains rbma.com, it will not work. I don’t ignore anything, but I’m not as good at keeping current with my e-mail as I might be. This site is my “fourth job,” after all.If you send me something and you don’t want your full name used, sign the e-mail with your first name, or the nickname you commonly use here. Or if you want to be absolutely sure, just add “Call me Bob.” Please don’t expect me to remember from a previous comment, because I’m lucky if I remember my own kids’ names.

Thanks to Blinky the Wonder Wombat for providing a better definition for the Arlo Page than I’d been offering

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