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It’s torture to stay at the…

Cidu Bill on Feb 16th 2017


Or maybe the king loves the song, and that’s why he wants his prisoners to re-create it for him.

On a related note, how tired do you think YMCAs are of seeing this:


“Yeah, yeah, we get it. And it was hysterical back in 1978, before you were even born.”

And okay, while we’re here, there was this.

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Il est amusant de séjour à la… (OT)

Cidu Bill on Dec 16th 2011


For reasons unknown, the song YMCA, accompanied by a choreographed set of hand gestures, has become a staple of parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs and baseball games. In the United States, anyway.

So I got to wondering… does this go on in other countries as well?

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