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OT: So You Think You Know Yiddish

Cidu Bill on Oct 2nd 2016

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Arlo grew up in the early days of television???

Cidu Bill on Jan 10th 2013


I suspect more people know “kvetch, kvetch, kvetch” from Norma Rae than from any other single source.

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Cidu Bill on Nov 20th 2008

According to Newsweek magazine, one of Hillary Clinton’s staffers told one of the magazine’s reporters during the primaries that everybody after a certain point everybody was “fed up with the Bill Clinton mishegoss.”

This word has always been a part of my personal vocabulary, but does the quote make any sense to most of Newsweek’s audience? I’ve noticed that New York City-based magazines and (to an even larger extent) Hollywood screenwriters seem convinced that the entire country is familair with Yiddish (which I suppose, if these magazines and screenwriters keep using it, might eventually be the case).

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