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Is WordPress sending all the comments mentioning “Christmas” to moderation??

Cidu Bill on Dec 21st 2016

(Or: The Day CIDU Bill’s Mind Stopped Functioning Properly)

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WordPress Fail Follow-Up

Cidu Bill on Jun 27th 2016

If anybody is still not seeing their comments show up, please try posting something here. My hope is that once I de-spam one of your comments, subsequent comments by you will post normally.

There is  currently nothing in Moderation.

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At least two people had their responses mysteriously disappear yesterday

Cidu Bill on Jan 13th 2013

I don’t have a clue why: presumably some WordPress glitch.

As of early Sunday afternoon, there is nothing trapped in Moderation Purgatory.

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Today’s LOL Page is No Laughing Matter

Cidu Bill on May 30th 2011

I don’t know how it’s even possible — I’d be inclined to bet that it isn’t — but apparently the LOL collection queued up for this morning simply disappeared into the void. It was scheduled to go online at 12:02am, and then it was gone. I can’t begin to guess how to recover it.

My apologies to anybody who sent me comics that had been included in today’s page.

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WordPress: FUBAR

Cidu Bill on Oct 29th 2010

Some of you may have noticed that updates haven’t been appearing at the usual 12:02am (ET) this week. They were all queued up to go live at the proper time, but WordPress has been processing them pretty much at random. This isn’t the usual business where twice a year updates go live an hour before or after they should for a few weeks until WordPress figures out the whole Daylight Saving Time thing (we can look forward to that starting a week from Monday): this past week updates have rescheduled themselves for 3 minutes late, 42 minutes late, and 16 hours late. I go in and put the posts online manually when I can, which of course defeats the purpose of setting up a queue. (update: I just noticed that WordPress decided to change the online-time of Saturday Morning Ewww from 12:02 to 12:26; like I said, apparently random)

Also, some of you have noticed that the spam filter has apparently stopped working. The site isn’t getting any more spam than it ever did — but now it’s all going online. My only option at this point was to change the site’s settings so that all comments get held for moderation; but once I approve one of your comments, your subsequent comments will go right through (unless, of course, they suck). Sorry for the inconvenience, but I don’t think anybody wants this site to drown in spam.

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WordPress and Daylight Saving Time

Cidu Bill on Mar 15th 2010

For some reason, WordPress never figures out that Daylight Saving Time has begun until a few weeks after the fact, meaning each day’s new post will show up an hour late (unless I remember to manually change each one after 12:02am).

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WordPress Stat Counter?

Cidu Bill on Sep 5th 2009

Can anybody recommend a good one? The more-or-less-default Stats has never worked on my site, and ShortStat suddenly stopped working last month. Either that or this site’s gotten exactly 0 pageviews since early August, and I think that’s unlikely.

All I’m really looking for is a simple headcount.

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Off the Off the Mark

Cidu Bill on Apr 3rd 2009

For the first time in 14+ years, a comic strip artist has asked me to stop using his comics.

Okay, this isn’t precisely true. Even though what I do is covered by “fair use” under law, I’ve always been very clear about my willingness to not use anybody’s comics if they simply ask me not to. I will respect cartoonists’ wishes without question.

Presumably, though, Mark Parisi’s “representative” could not figure out how to reach me, so she went straight to WordPress and demanded they shut down my site (as it happens, this was my old site, which I haven’t touched in almost two years, which is why you probably didn’t notice anything was gone).

Six of the seven Off the Mark comics on the old sites were tagged as LOL’s, by the way.

Anyway, please don’t send me Off the Mark comics anymore.

This all being said, however,  I’m not necessarily blaming Mr. Parisi for this less-than-classy maneuver: It’s very possible that his “representative,” whatever her actual function might be (she didn’t elaborate to WordPress and they didn’t ask),  just took this action upon herself.

All cleared up. Huzzah! (see comments)

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If You Post a Message and It Doesn’t Show Up…

Cidu Bill on Jun 12th 2008

… don’t bother re-posting it. WordPress has been very aggressive lately about shifting posts into the “possibly spam” folder, often for no apparent reason — but if they do this to your first message, they’ll just do the same thing with your re-sends.

The messages aren’t deleted: I’m online a ridiculous amount of time each day, so I’ll see the message and move it along quickly enough.

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Misha of the Wolves

Cidu Bill on Mar 3rd 2008

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