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Cidu Bill on Aug 29th 2016


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An LOL and a Question

Cidu Bill on Jan 6th 2013

Submitted by both Chak Olate and Morris Keesan:


Okay, here’s what I’ve always wondered: how did it get so firmly standardized that monkeys throw “poo,” rather than any other euphemism? Now granted there aren’t that many socially-acceptable euphemisms, but still… it’s always “monkeys” and “poo.” Nobody ever talks about “elephant poo,” after all, at least not as uniformly. Is it that simian excrement is somehow inherently cuter?

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Sunday Funnies: Three Comics That Made Morris Keesan Laugh Out Loud

Cidu Bill on Jan 23rd 2011

“… but you might have to be a bit of a physics nerd to find it funny”:3d.jpgbiff.pngthump.jpg

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Thought for Today

Cidu Bill on May 21st 2010

You really have to figure that a woman who gets a big Winnie the Pooh tattooed on her right upper back and a big Eeyore tattooed on the left upper back is going to regret it some day.

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