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Walkathon 2017

Cidu Bill on Apr 20th 2017

marchofdimes.PNG The short version this time:

March for Babies, which I still call the March of Dimes Walkathon even though they officially changed the name years ago. (I’m still allowed to use the old name because my son and I have been doing this since 1993).

Since 2006, we’ve been raising money for the March of Dimes here at CIDU, and we’re on an impressive run: each year, we’ve raised more than the year before. Last year we hit a stunning $1011 (thank you all!), so $1012 will be a high bar.

The event takes place April 30, rain or shine, and unfortunately it’s been leaning more toward “rain” lately.

The donation links are both above, and in the left-hand sidebar.

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It’s Walkathon Time!

Cidu Bill on Apr 3rd 2017

No joke, it took me longer to set up the registration than it’s going to take me to do the walk: they makes you re-invent the wheel every year, and any clear instructions how to do so are buried beneath tons of other nonsense (I actually had to phone them for help this afternoon, which somebody who’s been doing the Walk since 1993 really should not have to do).
(Always reminds me of this)university_website.png
But I digress. Sorry, but complaining about the web site is also an annual tradition, and it feels as if I’ve been doing that since 1993 as well. And to be fair, MOD’s is no worse than most other web sites that exist to help people raise money for good causes. You’d think people who know how to create easy-to-use web sites would volunteer their services — but people and organizations with terrible web sites rarely know or are willing to acknowledge it, as long as they’re nice to look atBut I digress again.We’ve been collecting for March of Dimes on CIDU since 2006 and each year, we’ve collected more than the previous year. This year, though, there’s a pretty high bar: Last year’s total was $1011, the first time we cracked the $1000 mark (just for the record, the Bickel Boys team, which is basically CIDU plus money my son and I collect elsewhere, was #9 in the county with $2035).Tomorrow, I think, I’ll delete this rambling mess with an appropriately streamlined version: Walkathon, March of Dimes, April 30, and the graphics both above and in the upper left-hand sidebar will take you to the special CIDU donation page.

And again, thank for both your past and your future help.

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One Final Walkathon update

Cidu Bill on May 11th 2016

Thanks largely to you guys, The Bickel Boys were the #9 team in Morris County this year: our first time in the Top Ten.


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And the final, rain-soaked total is… $1024

Cidu Bill on May 1st 2016

Thanks to all!


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Cidu Bill on Apr 25th 2016


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Walkathon Update

Cidu Bill on Apr 24th 2016


Over the years I’ve been involved with several fundraisers in addition to March of Dimes. One thing they have in common is the fact that their websites are all nightmares to navigate: they make it impossible to find the most basic useful information (like how to set up a donations link), and they’re full of dead ends that lead you to useless information.

Not that this is unique to fundraising sites, of course: I think it was an xkcd panel a few years ago that showed a Venn diagram with “information you need to find on a college website” and “what the college wants you to find,” and the shared space was “the name of the college.”

Anyway, one thing the MoD site doesn’t seem to allow you to do is change the location of your walk, so I had to re-register and of course it took me as much time to create the donation page as it took me the first time. Basically, I’ll spend less time on the walk this year than I’ve already spent on the website.

Okay, needed to vent. The bottom line is, we have $909 collected (the goal is $917) — but if you click the link, you’ll see zero. In reality, i’ll be handing everything in together next Sunday, so $8 will break last year’s record.

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March of Dimes Walkathon

Cidu Bill on Apr 19th 2016

marchofdimes.PNGWe’re at $658, with 5 days remaining. In the home stretch, and still within reach of the $917 goal.

Last year, by hitting $916, we beat the previous year’s total for the tenth consecutive year. Of course, each year that becomes a more daunting task.

Fun fact: they haven’t actually called it a “walkathon” for at least ten years. But I’m still getting used to “Beijing”…

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2016 Walkthon

Cidu Bill on Apr 16th 2016

marchofdimes.PNGUpdate: We’re at $416 with 1 week remaining.


And here we go again… Year 24 of our walk (and my erstwhile walking companion Aaron is coming in from Boston to join me this year), and Year 12 of you guys being our non-walking companions.

One advantage of having Aaron down here, by the way: this thing starts way too early on a Sunday morning, and this way he can drive us there and Old Dad can nap. A far cry from our first Walkathon when he rode part of the way on my shoulders.

Tempus fugit, and all that…

Last year’s total by the way, from CIDU alone, was $916.

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Just Hours Remain!

Cidu Bill on Apr 26th 2015


Still $100 short of our admittedly lofty goal It would be nice to walk over to the registration table Sunday morning with $834 in pledges, of course — but if this drive ends at $734, you all will still have my unqualified gratitude.

Forecast for the morning: chilly, but no rain. No complaints there.

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Walkathon 2015

Cidu Bill on Apr 3rd 2015

marchofdimes.PNGAnd here we are at Year 23 (can that possibly be right??)

Even more impressive is that for eleven of the years my son and I have been walking for the March of Dimes, CIDU has been behind us, each year donating more than the year before for this important cause. Will we beat the previous year’s total for the tenth time? We have to top $833.50 to do that.

(and as always the secondary goal, also achieved each year so far: raising more than my wife does at her office)

Whether or not we achieve either of these goals, though, I am grateful for your support.

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