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CIDU’s Pre-Game Special

Cidu Bill on Feb 3rd 2013

(Since the first and third items already have discussions in progress, please use the area below only for comments about the New Yorker piece)

Follow-up to the Super Bowl/Big Game issue: The NFL offers guidelines for “legal” Super Bowl parties

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Ho White and the Seven Dwarves

Cidu Bill on Oct 18th 2009


“Disney, which owns the copyright for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves…” I think not, Fox News (their story). Disney does own the rights to their specific cartoon images of Snow and her little pals, though, so the question here is whether Australia’s Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale label is too close to this


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Just for the record, the first 12 members of the CIDU jury to cast votes ruled 8-4 in favor of the defense. Or, I guess, the defence.

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