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I’ve got a lovely pair of coconuts…

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013


Where can this possibly be taking place??

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Cidu Bill on Jan 10th 2012


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A Very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas

Cidu Bill on Dec 19th 2011

(Lifted from Nicole’s Facebook page)

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Sunday Funnies - LOL December 11

Cidu Bill on Dec 11th 2011

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Sunday Funnies: LOL January 2

Cidu Bill on Jan 2nd 2011

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Cidu Bill on Feb 26th 2010


I’m particularly confused by the use of the word “those.”

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Maybe He’s Just Looking At His Ted Williams Baseball Card

Cidu Bill on Apr 29th 2008


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More Synchronicity (though 5 days apart)

Cidu Bill on Feb 8th 2008


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