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LOL Housecleaning

Cidu Bill on Dec 31st 2012

Going through my mess of a hard drive, I came across a ton of LOLs I might or might not have posted here; so I’m going to just post all of them and then delete them from my computer and start fresh. I figure even if only a third of them are really “new,” that’s still going make a pretty good collection.

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Saturday Morning LOL/Ewww

Cidu Bill on Jan 14th 2012


Morris Keesan: “A close tie, but the eeewww reaction definitely preceded the LOL”


John Reiher sent me this one with the comment “What sold me on this one as an ewww, is the look on the dolphin’s face in the last panel.” I’m adding a LOL to the tag for the same reason:


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Is this strip in reruns?

Cidu Bill on Dec 14th 2009


yellojkt: How many years has it been since AOL has sent out software on CDs?

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