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9 Arlo Lane and Other Matters

Cidu Bill on Feb 19th 2009

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and I’ve been lax about updates other than the regular daily CIDUs. At least half a dozen people told me that the current week’s  hypersexualized 9 Chickweed Lane strips should probably retire the Arlo Award.

Of course, at least a couple of people had told me the same thing about the previous week’s  strips.

I’d like to see this arc end with Edda and Amos realizing they’re incapable of becoming sexually aroused unless they’re on public display.

The high point of my visit to the New York ComicCon was getting to chat with Francisco Marciuliano (Medium Large) and Sara Benincasa (The Reader trailer). At the time chatting with Ces and Sara was probably a distant second for my wife to seeing Joss Whedon in person — but she might feel differently after the severe disappointment of the Dollhouse premiere.

You know a show is in serious trouble when its creator says publicly that it doesn’t get good until the sixth episode. Now, I’m no network executive, but in a situation like this I’d just pull episodes 2 through 5 and air 6 this week. Sure it might be a bit confusing, but the alternative is the probable cancellation of the program before week 6.

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