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Asian Fail?

Cidu Bill on Nov 20th 2012

Is this joke racist? And would it be more acceptable if the cartoonist were Chinese-American?

I know nothing about Vic Lee, by the way: he could be Chinese-American for all I know. Or his real name might be Viktor Lebowski.

Now this being said, perhaps I’m getting too semantic here, but I don’t necessarily equate “racist” with “offensive.” Recently Rupert Murdoch wrote “Why Is Jewish owned press so consistently anti- Israel in every crisis?” I thought it was brilliant that he managed to be both pro-Israel and anti-Semetic in the same 12-word tweet (though granted, some of my fellow Chosen People were offended).

But hell, I reacted with amusement when a white supremacist told me he couldn’t believe I didn’t know that my people secretly ran all the banks…

(and of course we had a similar discussion last year)

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