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Kaleidoscope [Naughty Language Warning]

Cidu Bill on Nov 28th 2017


Clearly a reference to Ray Bradbury’s “Kaleidoscope.” But had anything been added to the Bradbury story other than the fact that Frank’s remains are mistaken for snowflakes?

(as were the remains of the Sycorax spaceship in Doctor Who’s “The Christmas Invasion”)

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The Deranged Stalker’s Journal of Pop Culture Shock Therapy

Cidu Bill on Dec 5th 2010

The other day, I was in the library and I happened to be leafing through Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man. For those of you who don’t know, this book is essentially a collection of his short science fiction stories, held together by the premise that there’s this crazy tattooed dude, and each of his tattoos comes alive and segues into the short story. Or something like that.

I guess the point of the exercise was to give the thing the illusion (as it were) of being a unified novel rather than just a collection of short stories because, you know, who would want to read a collection of science fiction short stories by one of the greatest-ever writers of science fiction short stories?

Anyway, as pointless as I thought the Illustrated Man conceit was, it didn’t take anything away from the stories themselves.

Just a couple of minutes after I left the library — literally, since the post office is right down the street from the library– I received my copy of Doug Bratton’s new book. It’s a collection of Pop Culture Shock Therapy strips, held together by the premise that they’ve all been taped into the journals of a deranged stalker who’s obsessed with Doug Bratton. Or something like that.

Okay, honestly? The premise doesn’t work for me. No more than that tattooed dude did, which I dare you to say five times fast.

creepiosity.pngThat being said — sorry, Doug, I know you put a lot of work into giving us something extra — the collection itself is well worth the price. If you’ve been visiting Doug’s web site, you pretty much know what to expect. If you’ve been visiting this website, you should pretty much know what to expect as well, because PCST has been well represented in the weekly LOL postings (and is no stranger to the CIDU postings either): Doug lampoons superheroes (especially Batman, by far comic strip writers’ favorite spandex-wearer), Disney characters, other comic strips, cartoons, Sesame Street, and more. This book would make a nice addition to your collection of comics compilations, or a good holiday gift for a like-minded friend who might not be familiar with this strip.

With the caveat that many of the comics are not child-appropriate (in addition to the fact that readers under a certain age might not get a lot of the jokes).

For the sake of family harmony, I should probably tack on another quick plug for Creepiosity. If your house has two bathrooms, there’s no reason not to buy both of these books.

And here’s today’s trivia question: What do Creepiosity and the film Parenthood have in common?

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