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Cidu Bill on Sep 18th 2015



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All We Are Syncing…

Cidu Bill on May 1st 2013



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Yeah, this is me at every large family gathering

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2013


I remember a few years back ending up in a long discussion with my uncle’s cousin’s life partner, he was asking about my kids, the whole works, and then having to semi-discreetly ask around to figure out who this guy was.

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A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thingronicity

Cidu Bill on Jan 25th 2013



Yeah, kinda weak, I know…

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The World of Web Cartoonists

Cidu Bill on Aug 3rd 2011

Boston Globe article

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LOL - April 11

Cidu Bill on Apr 11th 2011

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Jude For the Offense

Cidu Bill on Jul 30th 2009

Chuck Douglas: I get the joke and I know what is being implied. I just can’t work out what word Pintsize was going to say before he was cut off.

(Arlo warning)

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Cidu Bill on Feb 6th 2009

Okay, aside from the “not understanding it in general” aspect… Are we supposed to assume Hannelore lost consciousness because of the pressure of Faye’s breasts on her back rather than, I don’t know, the fact that Faye has a hammerlock on her windpipe?

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My Own Comics List

Cidu Bill on Aug 14th 2008

since i was asked…

Comics I Like So Much, I Would Actually Buy a Newspaper If I Had To

Comics I Read Every Day and If I’m Out of Town For a Few Days I’ll Make Sure I Hit the Archives to Make Sure I Haven’t Missed Any Continue Reading »

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