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Political Cartoon I Don’t Understand

Cidu Bill on Sep 12th 2015


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Did I already post this one?

Cidu Bill on Sep 4th 2015


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Flashback: In honor of Carly Fiorina joining the presidential race, this post from March 15, 2010

Cidu Bill on May 4th 2015

I don’t care what anybody says: Carly Fiorina’s new attack ad

doesn’t even approach her first attack ad

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Chadwatch 2014

Cidu Bill on Nov 4th 2014


Clearly a Hanging Chad reference (yawn), but I don’t understand exactly what it is he’s saying.

(sent by DP Wally)

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Cidu Bill on Jul 1st 2014


Several people sent this to me. I believe the gag to be that the Republicans in Congress are referred to as “The Party of No.”

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What do you mean ”we,” kemosabe?

Cidu Bill on Jun 20th 2014


(oh, wait, the United States Patent and Trademark Office says I can’t make that sort of reference anymore)

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Comic That Made Me Laugh Out Loud During Obama’s State of the Union Address

Cidu Bill on Jan 28th 2014


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Cidu Bill on Nov 5th 2013


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Election Day (OT, obviously)

Cidu Bill on Nov 6th 2012

Last week we were told that Election Day could only be postponed by an act of Congress, and it was taken for granted by everybody that this would be impossible.

Um, no it wasn’t. We’re not talking about forcing a Congressman to ride his horse from Atlanta to Washington: there are government planes at their constant disposal, supplied at government expense, and there was no reason these men and women couldn’t have shown up to do their job. It’s true that they don’t treat this as a full-time gig — though they’re certainly being paid enough — but for something like this, I expect them to get there.

Maybe everything will work out fine today: but if, say, everything hinges on the Ohio numbers, and it’s close, and a great many Ohioans were not able to vote… well, we’re in for a mess that will make the Chad nonsense seem like a piece of cake.

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Cidu Bill on Nov 5th 2012

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I’m just finding it hard to wrap my head around the concept that a bunch of people sat around in a room and said ”You know what sounds like a GOOD idea?…”

Cidu Bill on Feb 6th 2012

A postscript, of sorts

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Eight Months From Now Called…

Cidu Bill on Jan 24th 2012


I mean seriously, couldn’t Stahler have held onto this until the general election had started? When, you know, it would have made sense?

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Sex For McNuggets, Rick Perry’s Last Appeal, and the Pizza Gun [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Jan 18th 2012

Last week, a California woman was arrested in the parking lot of a McDonald’s trying to trade sex for Chicken McNuggets. Really not that interesting a story on its own; but I was struck by the fact that several reporters tried but failed to get a statement from the McDonald’s manager, and I was wondering what he really could have said on the subject. Any suggestions?

Rick Perry’s Last-Minute Appeal (I posted this link last night; unfortunately I hadn’t posted the article that went along with the link. Whoops)

The Pizza Gun (just added)

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Primary Comic That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Cidu Bill on Jan 9th 2012


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Those Who Worship in Glass Houses…

Cidu Bill on Dec 21st 2011

As a show of class during the holiday season, the Ten Craziest Mormon Beliefs website has been created as a tool against Mitt Romney. Because what’s more American than demeaning your opponent by mocking his religion?

Now with all due respect toward everybody’s beliefs, is this somewhere any person of faith really wants to go? Seriously? Because, you know, one man’s belief is somebody else’s “crazy”: do I need to describe how my sister-in-law’s Italian family felt about my nephew’s bris?

(Let’s stipulate that some of you are atheists and that “well, all religions are just stupid” is not a constructive contribution to this discussion)

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1952 Called. They Want Their Candidate Back.

Cidu Bill on Dec 8th 2011

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An Apology in the “Teen Tweets Disparaging Remarks About the Governor” Case

Cidu Bill on Nov 30th 2011

It’s the governor who apologized

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Okay, here’s what I don’t understand…

Cidu Bill on Nov 29th 2011

I understand that successful people and politicians both tend to be arrogant — and of course that would put Herman Cain in the center of the Venn diagram — but even given all that, what possesses a man who had a 13-year affair with a woman to run for national office? Did he really believe this wouldn’t come out?

And yes, I get that he could be telling the truth when he says there hadn’t been any affair; but between this and the growing number of sexual harassment complaints, he had to have realized there was a lot of smoke out there even in the unlikely event that there was never any fire. These allegations certainly weren’t surprises to him.

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Potty Humor

Cidu Bill on Nov 12th 2011


Well, ewww, of course. But while I sort of kind of see when they’re getting at here… okay, or maybe I don’t.

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Fred Karger Wants Us To Boycott Orange Juice

Cidu Bill on Oct 19th 2011

Fred Karger feels that Florida moving up their Republican primary will unfairly benefit the front-runners, and calls for a boycott of Florida orange juice if the primary date isn’t returned to the March date in the interest of fairness to “all eleven serious Republican Presidential candidates” (which, according to Fred Karger, includes Fred Karger).

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Is Chris Christie Too Large to be Elected President?

Cidu Bill on Sep 30th 2011

Forget his divisive politics or the fact that he has a reputation for being a bully: this week, people are discussing whether at about 300 pounds, New Jersey governor Chris Christie is simply too heavy to win a presidential election.

Yes, William Howard Taft outweighed him probably by about 30 pounds –but Taft ran for president well before the media age, before a candidate’s image and appearance were as important as they are today.

During the last gubernatorial election, one of Christie’s opponents ran an ad in which Christie was accused of “throwing his weight around,” accompanied by a clip of Christie emerging from a car, in super slo-mo, his belly struggling to stay in sync with the rest of his body. (Way to stay classy, New Jersey)

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Michelle Bachmann and the Corn Dog

Cidu Bill on Aug 18th 2011

Liberal propaganda, sexist, or just really funny?

Alternate address

(You may check more than one box)

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Cidu Bill on Aug 18th 2011

Maybe this is just too meta for me… but what I’m seeing here is a cartoon called “Bachmann’s Clear View on Gays” which is, itself, stunningly unclear. If the video — it’s an animated political cartoon — isn’t showing up for you, please click here

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Politics I Don’t Understand

Cidu Bill on Aug 12th 2011

Will somebody explain to me why the moderator at last night’s debate is being criticized for asking Michelle Bachmann “As president, would you be submissive to your husband?” when this was a direct reference to her recent comment that “The Lord says: Be submissive, wives. You are to be submissive to your husbands”? On what planet was this an unfair and/or sexist question?

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People I’ll Condemn Before I Condemn Anthony Weiner

Cidu Bill on Jun 8th 2011

The media. There’s no legitimate reason anybody outside of Weiner’s district should even know his name.

His fellow Democrats,  who are stampeding one another in a mad rush to throw him under the bus.

(I hold Republicans blameless; whatever they do or say can be attributed to pure giddiness over the fact that it’s not one of their own this time)

Every politician who condemns Weiner though they’ve done far worse themselves. And you know there are a lot of them.

The women involved, coming forward to claim their 15 minutes of fame, going into very public swoons because they were exposed to photos of a man in his underwear, demanding apologies and no doubt gearing up for lawsuits. If any of these women have ever said or done anything improper online, I hope it’s made public; and if any of them have ever e-mailed or texted photos of themselves in  their underwear or topless, I’d like to see those photos plastered across the Internet.

Okay, I have intolerance-of-hypocrisy issues

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