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Aiii, there’s the rub!

Cidu Bill on Feb 16th 2013

Jeff Renner and Lola sent this as an Arlo Award candidate. I third the motion, but I also had to add an “ouch” tag.

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Saturday Morning Ewww - February 11

Cidu Bill on Feb 11th 2012

Morris Keesan:


Janice Rey:


(Personally, I’d tag this one as “ouch” -Bill)

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Off the Mark, On the Hook

Cidu Bill on Oct 30th 2008

One for the Ouch Files…

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Did He Really Get Pinned? (yeah, yeah)

Cidu Bill on May 30th 2008

There’s an obvious logistical question here, and I can’t imagine any answer that doesn’t include ouch!

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Get Hurt

Cidu Bill on Feb 6th 2008


Lately, I’ve been noticing an epidemic of comics whose punchlines involve some guy getting punched or kicked or getting hit with some flying object in his groin.

I blame Bob Saget.

Anyway, this contribution to the Ouch Files came from Pinny.

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