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Music of the (Brief) Night [OT]

Cidu Bill on Aug 21st 2017

I’m surprised I haven’t seen any Eclipse Playlist.  I can’t think of anything other than the very obvious “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Sounds of Silence” (and then “Here Comes the Sun” when it’s over) — but of course my brain doesn’t really function this early.

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Way Off-Topic Largely-Rhetorical Question

Cidu Bill on Feb 17th 2016

Has any album ever been improved by the deletion of a single track as much as Simon and Garfunkel’s Bookends is improved by the deletion of “Old People Talking Meaninglessly For No Apparent Reason”?

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Muppet Christ Superstar

Cidu Bill on Feb 11th 2016


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Dvořák’s Latest Video

Cidu Bill on Apr 24th 2014

(If you don’t see the video, click here)

I’m trying to decide whether I like or hate the concept. It’s certainly going to color how I listen to this symphony in the future (as many videos do).

The rationale behind the video is here.

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1981 Called, with a familiar ringtone…

Cidu Bill on Nov 16th 2012


I got this from two people as a CIDU this morning alone: the mechanic is giving Mick Jagger the idea for the song that would eventually be best known as the theme for Windows 95.

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Let’s all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before your mother was born

Cidu Bill on Mar 21st 2012

I remember some years ago when I heard my niece sing “Your Mother Should Know” during a school function and realized that that song had been a hit before her mother was born.

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, today’s oldies synchronicity:

And the second one is a CIDU.
I mean right, he’s Bobby McGee. But where’s the joke here?

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Fear of Feet

Cidu Bill on Nov 15th 2010

Is this really a thing? Because all of a sudden I’m seeing a lot of references to people being afraid of feet, and it doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.
I mean, people can be afraid of anything, but lately this is being presented as a common phobia rather than, you know, a rare pathology.


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Music, Music, Music

Cidu Bill on Oct 30th 2010

Now that I have Pandora installed on my cell phone, I have a device that I can carry in my pocket that delivers random music, transmitted over the airwaves, which I can listen to coming out of tiny speakers. Who’d have guessed, 50 years ago, that technology would have come so far?

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Oh Yeah… I’m Old…

Cidu Bill on Aug 4th 2010

I happened to hear David Lee Roth’s remake of “Just a Gigolo” last night, and it occurred to me that this new version is more ancient to my oldest child (he’s 20, and it came out 5 years before he was born) than Louis Prima’s version is to me (I was a baby).

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Saturday Night Frazz

Cidu Bill on Feb 6th 2010


Keera: This isn’t a CIDU, because I get the joke. I’m just wondering about the 70’s reference to Sound of Philly. Or is there a new Philly sound these days - with strings attached?

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This Wednesday, Everybody Becomes a Geezer

Cidu Bill on Sep 8th 2009

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Horse of a Different Decade

Cidu Bill on Sep 4th 2009


So… Does this make sense to anybody who isn’t, you know, approaching geezerhood?

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Name That Tune

Cidu Bill on Jun 22nd 2009

What song? “Beyond the Sea”? “Under the Sea?” “Whale alright I’m being foolish, whale alright let people know…”?

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They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, Let’s Eat

Cidu Bill on Apr 8th 2009

  • Apparently it’s a song now…

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What’s on YOUR iPod?

Cidu Bill on Nov 12th 2008


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Cidu Bill on Nov 9th 2008


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CIDU For Anybody Under the Age of 40?

Cidu Bill on Sep 9th 2008


Just giving Scott Hilburn a little flack here…

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Comics That Made Us Laugh Out Loud During Easter Week

Cidu Bill on Mar 24th 2008

pickpocket.jpg Continue Reading »

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Cidu Bill on Feb 21st 2008

I didn’t understand this one 6 1/2 years when I first saw it, but I forgot to save it for the CIDU page. I recently came across it again, and I still don’t get it.

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