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Aftercomic Morris Keesan Doesn’t Understand

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2011


“What does this have to do with either the Superman/Lex story or celebrity nipples?”


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Note to ABC News:

Cidu Bill on Dec 11th 2011

Before you start fact-checking politicians’ claims, learn the difference between “affected” and “effected.” There’s no excuse for both a writer and (I assume) an editor to get this wrong.

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An Apology in the “Teen Tweets Disparaging Remarks About the Governor” Case

Cidu Bill on Nov 30th 2011

It’s the governor who apologized

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Teen Won’t Apologize to Governor for Insulting Tweet

Cidu Bill on Nov 28th 2011

Why in God’s name is this a national news story?

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Why on Earth is This a News Story?

Cidu Bill on Nov 14th 2011

Who cares what misanthropic movie director/comic book writer Frank Miller thinks about any manner of current events? I suppose his solution would be stuffing all the protestors into refrigerators. Yahoo News: Frank Miller Disapproves of Occupy Wall Street

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The names of the Casey Anthony jurors will be made public today. But why?? [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Oct 25th 2011

The case for juror anonymity

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High School Boy Suspended for Kissing His Boyfriend — Maybe [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Oct 19th 2011

The school might have committed an act of blatant discrimination — or it could be a victim of a misinformation campaign against which it’s not allowed to defend itself

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People I’ll Condemn Before I Condemn Anthony Weiner

Cidu Bill on Jun 8th 2011

The media. There’s no legitimate reason anybody outside of Weiner’s district should even know his name.

His fellow Democrats,  who are stampeding one another in a mad rush to throw him under the bus.

(I hold Republicans blameless; whatever they do or say can be attributed to pure giddiness over the fact that it’s not one of their own this time)

Every politician who condemns Weiner though they’ve done far worse themselves. And you know there are a lot of them.

The women involved, coming forward to claim their 15 minutes of fame, going into very public swoons because they were exposed to photos of a man in his underwear, demanding apologies and no doubt gearing up for lawsuits. If any of these women have ever said or done anything improper online, I hope it’s made public; and if any of them have ever e-mailed or texted photos of themselves in  their underwear or topless, I’d like to see those photos plastered across the Internet.

Okay, I have intolerance-of-hypocrisy issues

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Change ”Bush” to ‘Obama,” “Liberia” to “Libya” and ”Kobe Bryant” to ”Charlie Sheen,” and the gag still works 8 years later

Cidu Bill on Mar 5th 2011


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All Charlie Sheen, All the Time

Cidu Bill on Mar 2nd 2011

You know, the media’s certainly been enabling him, and of course everybody finds his rantings very funny… but we do realize he’s mentally ill, right?

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”Duh” Headline of the Week

Cidu Bill on Sep 17th 2010

Americans’ wealth fell in spring as stocks tanked

Yes, people actually get paid for this.

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Little Mosque in the Big City

Cidu Bill on Aug 11th 2010

New Yorkers, opportunistic politicians, and the ignorant and intolerant are up in arms over plans to build a multi-story mosque just blocks from the site of the World Trade Center. Well, not a multi-story mosque exactly, more like a community center open to the public (sort of a YMMA), which includes a prayer room, but let’s not let facts get in the way of hysteria.

The two Egyptian men behind the plan say it’s meant as a statement against extremism, to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims. A Tea Party spokesman calls it a memorial to the 9/11 hijackers.

An upcoming ad campaign, to appear on New York City buses, will demand that the city prohibit the building from being constructed. The ads will show pictures of one of the planes hitting the World Trade Center.

A spokesperson for the group paying for the ads said that being allowed to run the ads is a victory for free speech and tolerance.

A victory for free speech and tolerance.

The sound you hear is George Orwell turning over in his grave.

As an American, this all disgusts me. And it’s stupid as well as wrong, because what we’re telling the Muslim world that we think of every Muslim as our enemy.

As a Jew, the fact that so many Jewish groups are joining the hysteria troubles me. And it’s stupid as well, because traditionally, when a government looks for excuses to single out and discriminate against a religious group, it tends to be the Jews. Letting hysteria decide where Muslims can’t build… is that a precedent we really want to support? Hatred of Muslims is just the flavor of the week: anti-Semitism endures.

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”Councilman Dan Halloran has traffic ticket tossed and cop who gave it to him demoted to foot patrol”

Cidu Bill on Jul 15th 2010

If this arrogant son of a bitch doesn’t get tossed out of office over this incident, then surely no voter who reads this New York Daily News headline will vote for him again.

And this year’s Worst and Most Misleading Newspaper Headline award goes to… [full News article here]

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Headline of the Day

Cidu Bill on Mar 8th 2010

From AP: Mo’Nique Becomes 5th Black Woman to Win Acting Oscar

Seriously, isn’t this at least three black women past being even remotely significant?

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Why Is This News?

Cidu Bill on Mar 3rd 2010

When I saw the headline, I thought there was something more to the story. But no, it’s apparently just a woman who was rushed to the delivery room on her wedding day. Gosh. Aside from the fact that this has been a cliche since the time of Rock Hudson and Doris Day, hasn’t this happened a zillion times?

I’d like to give a shout-out to my cousin here…

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Tiger Woods is giving a speech tomorrow.

Cidu Bill on Feb 18th 2010

ABC, CBS and NBC will all be carrying it live.

Seriously, now… has the entire world gone insane?

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Sexist or Not?

Cidu Bill on Nov 18th 2009

palin.jpgSarah Palin complained that this week’s Newsweek cover is sexist, and… well, I think I sort of agree, though we might be dealing with semantics here: Certainly Newsweek chose this particular photo with the inten of trivializing Palin (the photo is real, but was taken earlier this year as part of a spread for Runner’s World magazine). And they probably wouldn’t have used this sort of photo to trivialize a male politician (can you imagine a cover story about Obama’s domestic policy agenda being illustrated with this?


So if using a “sexy” cover photo of a female politician is a context where you wouldn’t use one of a male politician is sexist, then I find myself in the odd position of siding with Palin.

Of course what I found most interesting about all this was Palin’s comment on the cover, ending with “If anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, gender, or color of skin” — clear proof, I guess, that she writes her own material. I mean, I sort of maybe know what she’s kind of getting at here, but…

And actually what makes that quote more interesting is the fact that it was written (apparently) on the same day that she vigorously defended racial profiling on the Sean Hannity show.

Free Web poll for your Web site -

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Liberal Media

Cidu Bill on Nov 3rd 2009

Arloed for language Continue Reading »

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Stupid Media Tricks

Cidu Bill on Oct 8th 2009

One of the tabloid television programs — ET, I think; I saw this on one of the tv screens at the health club — conducted a poll asking “Do you feel David Letterman has sufficiently apologized?”

I’m not clear why Letterman should be apologizing to anybody other than Mrs. L, and certainly he doesn’t owe me anything, so I’m not entirely certain how the ET audience defines “a sufficient apology.”

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The Washington Post has 50% to 80% fewer editors than they apparently need

Cidu Bill on Oct 1st 2009

Actual broadband speeds lag advertised speeds by as much as 50% to 80%. So more than half the time, and sometimes as much as eight out of ten times, consumers are paying for slower Internet access speed than they signed up for.

Interesting enough, the Post owns Newsweek, which I believe, over the past year, has not published a single statistic they did not mangle.

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LOLabor Day

Cidu Bill on Sep 7th 2009

Continue Reading »

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President Obama’s Address to Students

Cidu Bill on Sep 4th 2009

I got a message from my son’s high school this afternoon assuring me that he would not be forced to watch Obama’s speech next week, and that the school would provide an alternative educational program for all students whose parents opted them out of watching the speech. I understand this sort of thing is going on in schools all across the country.

Is there any explanation for this other than mass insanity? I could understand it if Obama were intending to ask children to tell their parents to support his health care reform, or suggest they go through their mothers’ pocketbooks and send him all those little pieces of green paper with presidents’ pictures on them… but apparently he’s only going to offer a pep talk about working hard in school.

Just the sort of underhanded thing you’d expect from a native-born Kenyan!

Does anybody sincerely think this is controversial? And if so, why not just follow with an opposing viewpoint such as a clip from Ferris Bueller?

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Pointless Headline of the Week

Cidu Bill on Sep 4th 2009

From AP: Guest: Many wept during Jackson’s Calif. funeral

See, not only is it news that people wept at a funeral, but as responsible journalists, AP even found somebody to attribute this fact to.

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”Michael Jackson’s Troubled Comeback…

Cidu Bill on Jul 6th 2009

The singer’s upcoming 50 concerts will make him rich again — if he holds up”

Thus begins one of the lead articles in the July 9 Rolling Stone, which hit the stands today.  I don’t know, this just seems like way too long a lead time for a weekly magazine.

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He’s Gonna Lose Points For That One

Cidu Bill on Dec 10th 2008

Laurence Bunin, the general manager of the College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test, the exam that measures the math and language skills of millions of college-bound high school students, told Newsweek magazine that there are “less kids taking [the] SAT.”


Which brings up an interesting question: Should a reporter (or the reporter’s editor) ever edit a direct quote? The point of a direct quote is, of course, to reproduce strictly verbatim what the subject said — but should a grammatical (or minor factual) gaffe ever be “fixed” for publication?

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