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Personal Super-Synchroniciy

Cidu Bill on Jun 19th 2017


A couple of days ago I found myself in the middle of a group of twenty-to-thirty people, all walking together to what I later realized was a Saturday evening showing of Wonder Woman at a monstrously-large London iMax: I counted two Jokers (both new-school), half a dozen Harley Quinns at various levels of sluttiness, two Spider-Men, a Captain America, and other various characters. Oddly enough, only one Wonder Woman.

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The Great Escape [OT]

Cidu Bill on Jun 17th 2017

I don’t seem to be able to upload a video here. I also apparently don’t know how to link to a specific Facebook post.

So if anybody wants to spend six minutes and one second watching something I found entertaining, you can pop over to my Facebook page.

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London Hotels [Way OT]

Cidu Bill on Jan 16th 2017

Does anybody have any suggestions (the usual criteria: good location, not a fortune, no Dickensian ambiance)? We liked the placed we stayed in back in 1983, but the city might have changed some since then.

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