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I’m envisioning Hilburn tearing his hair out and screaming ”I TOLD THE !@#$ COLORISTS TO LEAVE HER PANTS WHITE!!!”

Cidu Bill on Dec 13th 2012


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Thursday Morning Lawsuits [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Nov 3rd 2011

Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton and Iran, Tuition and Human Rights, and Taliban Toyota

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Creepiosity Caption Contest: Time to Vote

Cidu Bill on Aug 26th 2011


You can help choose the winning entry by going to the Creepiosity Facebook page by midnight tonight (Friday).And while you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to visit the new CJA Facebook page.

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The Kim Kardashian Creepiosity Caption Contest

Cidu Bill on Aug 20th 2011

Once again, a free autographed copy of Creepiosity will go to whoever sends the best caption for this photo to [dave at] by 11:59 Tuesday night. I’m not quite clear why he won’t accept entries on the Creepiosity web site, but nobody ever explains anything to me.

Including who exactly Kim Kardashian is. I heard on the radio yesterday that her upcoming wedding will cost about $10 million, so apparently whatever she contributes to the universe earns her enough to pay for a $10 million wedding.

I’m also going to go out on a limb and guess the guy who’s wearing her like a fake fur is her fiance, otherwise this $10 million wedding is not getting off to a good start.


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