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Cidu Bill on Feb 18th 2013


And seriously, nothing personal C&H Guys, but… Worst Obama Ever! I’m artistically challenged, and even I’d know to put big ears on the guy.

And while we’re on the topic, this reminds me why John McCain should be thankful he lost in 2008: looking at how much four years on the job has aged Obama, a young healthy guy when he started, if there any possibility McCain would survived?

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Running on Empty

Cidu Bill on Jul 21st 2009

Today, the John McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee apologized to Jackson Browne for using (without permission) his song “Running on Empty” in television commercials last year criticizing Obama’ s energy ideas.

Now, what I’m wondering is… Is this whole “copyright” concept a lot newer than I thought it was? Did the McCain campaign not get the memo? I mean seriously, how is it possible that nobody involved in the filming of the commercial knew that you can’t just appropriate somebody else’s song for a commercial? And have they all moved on to jobs with American Apparel?

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Wrong on Batman

Cidu Bill on Oct 27th 2008


Obama was referring to the current Robin. Duh.

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Sunday Morning Bagels

Cidu Bill on Sep 21st 2008


Is the joke here that McCain wanted Joseph Lieberman as his running mate but got Sarah Palin by mistake?  Far Left Side happens to be a very liberal (well, “Far Left Side,” duh) and a rabidly anti-McCain strip, but that still doesn’t explain this comic.

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Quote of the Day

Cidu Bill on Sep 19th 2008

(or Cheap Shot of the Day, whatever)

Barack Obama, referring to John McCain: “And now he tells us that he’s the one who’s gonna’ to take on the old boys network. The old boys network? In the McCain campaign that’s called a staff meeting.”

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Let’s See a Show of Hands Here…

Cidu Bill on Sep 2nd 2008

  • Is there anybody who actually believes John McCain’s claim that he knew about Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy before he named her as his running mate?

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John’s Choice

Cidu Bill on Aug 29th 2008

Mike Kruger: I understand this comic just fine. I just wonder if John McCain read it before he decided on the beauty queen running mate?


Well one thing’s clear: He certainly didn’t read the comic online -Bill

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Paris Hilton on John McCain

Cidu Bill on Aug 6th 2008

  • This was her response to McCain’s ad comparing Barack Obama to celebrities such as Britney Spears and Hilton, and it’s funnier than I’d have expected Paris Hilton to be.

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Cidu Bill on May 13th 2008

So televangelist and high-profile John McCain supporter John Hagee apologized today for calling the Roman Catholic Church “The Great Whore” (an incident which I imagine will make it tough for McCain to get much mileage out of the Reverend Wright business during the general election) — but can somebody give me a rational explanation or what these apologies really mean?

When somebody calls the Roman Catholic Church “The Great Whore,” or says “Fucking Jews… Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” or says chink or spic or the-bad-word-referring-to-black-people-that’s-so-bad-that-you’re-not-even-supposed-to-spell-it-out-when-you’re-discussing-it, well, clearly they don’t like Catholics or Jews or Asians or Mexicans or African-Americans. You don’t say these things by accident, or because you’re under stress, and you don’t say them simply because you’re drunk; because alcohol loosens inhibitions, it doesn’t make you mysteriously impersonate a racist.

So why the apology? For saying out loud what you believe? And because you’ve apologized, all of a sudden you’re a decent human being?

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Comics That Made Us Laugh Out Loud - Saint Patrick’s Day Edition

Cidu Bill on Mar 17th 2008

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