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Cidu Bill on Nov 10th 2017


The caption is “They now think that kryptonite is actually good for you, in small doses.”

Is this some sort of homeopathy reference?

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The Fusco Brothers Go Arlo (and other stories)

Cidu Bill on Jul 1st 2017

BVCC sent this Fusco Brothers comic for the Arlo file:


The 4th-wall-breaking reference to how cartoon characters are drawn reminded me of this recent Wizard of Id comic:


Which in turn had reminded me of this CIDU:


Is this a meta joke about how, since Arlo’s nose is so cartoonishly large, the mask won’t fit over his face properly?

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Cidu Bill on Feb 1st 2017


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Cidu Bill on Jun 3rd 2016


Yes, i’m familiar with the (mis)quote — but it’s not clear how it works here.

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Sunday Funnies: LOL November 7

Cidu Bill on Nov 7th 2010

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