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Ich bin zurück gekehrt [OT]

Cidu Bill on Jun 19th 2017

Back from Germany. Actually, back from Germany and England, but they speak something similar to English there.

Our thanks to Kilby (who, it turns out, actually does have a first name, and it’s the same as Columbo’s), for showing us around Berlin and the surrounding area. I have to be honest: since we hadn’t planned on leaving the city, I hadn’t even known Sans Souci was anywhere near Berlin. 

Now to handle some all-important CIDU matters (and do laundry)…

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And I’m off

Cidu Bill on Jun 8th 2017


Everything’s queued up for the next couple of weeks, but I might not be able to free anybody from Moderation Hell.

Or maybe I will. Do they have Internet in Germany?

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Bulletproof Bras

Cidu Bill on Aug 11th 2008

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