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Which is correct…

Cidu Bill on Sep 17th 2017

1. The Declaration of Independence begins “We the people…”

2. The Declaration of Independence begins “Us the people…”


Neither, of course: it’s the Constitution that begins “We the people…” (since “Us the people…” shouldn’t even sound right to people who confuse “there,” “their” and “they’re”) and come on everybody, stop posting this on Facebook every July 4!

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[OT] Can anybody come up with a non-creepy explanation for this? (and no, I can’t imaine how IBB could be involved)

Cidu Bill on Jan 21st 2017

Okay, I understand that Facebook’s analytics are mysterious, but… my wife’s doctor just showed up on my “People You Might Know” list.

My wife’s not his Facebook friend: in fact, he seems to only have three Facebook friends, all family members. My only contact with the man was several years ago when his receptionist left my wife a message on my phone.

So seriously… WTF???

This sounds kind of funny at first, but really it’s kind of disturbing: Facebook somehow has enough bits of information that they were able to make this connection.

Edited to add: The doctor lives and works about 45 minutes from here, he has no interests listed, and no posts. My guess is “Let’s start up a Facebook account for Dad/Grandpa, and maybe he’ll use it.”

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Cidu Bill on Oct 5th 2015


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Sunday Funnies: LOL, June 28, 2015

Cidu Bill on Jun 28th 2015






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Update: Beheadings, Bare Breasts, Facebook and Me [CJA/NSFW]

Cidu Bill on Oct 24th 2014

It took Facebook just over an hour to censor my comment about their censorship. The post, and hopefully your comments, are now here.

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Beheadings and Bare Breasts [CJA] CORRECTED LINK!

Cidu Bill on Oct 24th 2014

A few choice words (with an illustration that pretty much guarantees that the post will be quickly censored) about Facebook’s policies on these matters. Please check it out while you can.

Not Safe For Work, at least as of right now.

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I think she’s, like, confused

Cidu Bill on Apr 5th 2014

The way I follow it, Panel Three contradicts Panel Two.


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Santchonicity [language advisory]

Cidu Bill on Dec 26th 2013

Today’s Pardon My Planet, and half a dozen of my friends’ Facebook updates:

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Two consecutive items in my Facebook news feed

Cidu Bill on Aug 27th 2013



But the best part is, I don’t have the least clue what they’re talking about.

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Sunday Evening Bonus LOL

Cidu Bill on Jun 30th 2013


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Cidu Bill on Mar 20th 2013


Just cut-and-paste your tweets and Facebook updates.

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New York City’s Soda Law is Overturned [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Mar 12th 2013

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Cidu Bill on Dec 1st 2012

Is Janis complaining about messages from the Facebook management (in which case, I don’t get it), or updates form her Facebook “friends” (in which case I don’t get it)?

Either way, this gets the “Unaccountable Anger” tag, because there’s nothing going on here that should get her anywhere near this agitated.

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Social Media (and Me)

Cidu Bill on Nov 30th 2012

Follow-up: Just got an e-mail from Facebook telling me 7 people tried to “friend” me on the CIDU account. Umm…

There is a CIDU page on Facebook. It was never active, but a number of CIDU regulars have tried to “friend” me there. Since there’s no “there” there, there’s not much point to that — but I’m also on Facebook as Bill Bickel, so feel free to look me up there.

Billo is on Facebook now, for those of you who know what I’m talking about.

The CJA Facebook page is where new articles and posts show up first — but that’s a moot point for now, since the CJA site will be inactive until January.

I have no idea why Google+ exists. I did sign on in order to check it out — but I don’t even remember what e-mail address and password I used, so any attempt to contact me there is futile.

I’m on LinkedIn, though I’m only vaguely clear on why. The how is that one of my cousins was in on the creation of the thing (yes, he is rich), and he set everybody up with accounts. I have very few contacts although, as managing editor of a crime magazine, I suspect I should be accumulating contacts in both the publishing and the crime fields. I keep seeing notices that “XXX now has 30 new contacts,” which is more than I have in total.

I know that’s kind of pathetic.

My understanding — since I never came across a “LinkedIn For Dummies” book, though I’m sure one exists — is that in order to get a contact, you have to contact one of your contacts and get a referral. This seems very awkward to me, and it’s hard to believe that somebody can add 30 new contacts in one day by this method.

So maybe somebody here can set me straight: it’s been my experience that collectively you guys know everything.

(Oh, and please remember that if you post here using a nickname, I’m not necessarily going to know who you are if you contact me on Facebook under your real name)

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Sunday Funnies - LOL March 4

Cidu Bill on Mar 4th 2012

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Sunday Funnies - LOL February 19

Cidu Bill on Feb 19th 2012

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With Friends Like These…

Cidu Bill on Feb 15th 2012

This CJA post, about a middle school teacher who accidentally posted a nude photo of himself on Facebook (he thought he was e-mailing it to a friend; come on, who among us hasn’t done that?) and was fired after a school parent on his Friends List reported him, got me thinking…

How different is a Facebook Friend and a “friend” anyway? And how different should they be?

Do you have people on your Friends List who would rat you out over something like this (or for that matter, real-life friends who would)? We’re not talking about posting that you just ran somebody over while you were driving drunk on your way to molest children: probably your own mother would report you for that. But something like this, clearly unintentional, the equivalent of accidentally leaving your house with your fly open (except of course a zillion times worse)… does a friend say “XYZ,” or does he call 9-1-1 and report you for indecent exposure?

Just throwing some thoughts out here, wondering what the rest of you think…

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Remember the Business in Missouri About Teachers ”Friending” Students? [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Dec 20th 2011

How other states are dealing with the same question

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Cidu Bill on Dec 20th 2011


Because people get upset when Facebook changes its format??

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Three Monday Morning Claims [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Dec 12th 2011

Facebook claims it owns the rights to both “face” and “book,” the Black Friday Wal-Mart pepper-sprayer claims she’s the victim, and a very bad son claims his mother is dead.

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Crime News Round-Up [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Oct 24th 2011

The dark side of Facebook, Twitter, bridges, broken sinks, armadillos, and cupcakes

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Final Update: Missouri Teachers Can Once Again ”Friend” Their Students on Facebook

Cidu Bill on Sep 23rd 2011

The state legislature voted today to repeal that section of the law

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Dad Sues Facebook Over Daughter’s Racy Photos

Cidu Bill on Sep 8th 2011

Of course, the story’s a little more complicated than it first appears. Aren’t they always?

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Creepiosity Caption Contest: Time to Vote

Cidu Bill on Aug 26th 2011


You can help choose the winning entry by going to the Creepiosity Facebook page by midnight tonight (Friday).And while you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to visit the new CJA Facebook page.

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Should teachers be allowed to “friend” students on Facebook?

Cidu Bill on Aug 4th 2011

Article and poll here

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