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Credit Cards

Cidu Bill on Jul 9th 2015

Just wondering… do any of you memorize your credit card numbers?In the context of this strip she’s talking about her Target credit card (this ran around the time Target had a security breach), and I’m not sure a Target credit card would be anybody’s primary credit card, but we’re not here here right now to discuss comic strip logic)

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Seriously, when did RSVPing for a party suddenly become taboo??

Cidu Bill on May 4th 2015


I actually cancelled a party last year because two days before the event, when I went out to start shopping for it, I realized I had no idea whether I was shopping for 8 people or close to 50. The most logical option at that point was sending out a mass “Party cancelled” e-mail.

(my in-laws showed up anyway. Don’t ask)

Is this really as endemic as it seems? I understand a lot of people don’t know what “RSVP” literally means; but even if you don’t understand what it means in principle, what ever happened to the concept of telling people whether you’re showing up?

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So nu?

Cidu Bill on Feb 13th 2015


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Merry Christmas

Cidu Bill on Dec 25th 2014


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Where’s Afikomen?

Cidu Bill on Apr 17th 2014


This tradition ended for my family after my brother thought it was a good idea to hide the matzoh in the chandelier.

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Seriously, do we have to start doing a TwerkWatch?

Cidu Bill on Dec 20th 2013


And I really hoped we’d seen our last “girl wanting to dress up as Miley Cyrus” joke back at Halloween.


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I don’t think cell phones work that way

Cidu Bill on Jan 14th 2013


Am I reading this wrong, or did his cell

phone go dead when the power went out?

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Before-They-Were-Born Synchronicity

Cidu Bill on Apr 10th 2012


And a personal observation: It occurred to me a couple of years ago, after my aunt passed away, that there is no longer any member of my family with first-hand memory of the Holocaust. Just like that, it became an “historical event.”

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Cidu Bill on Mar 28th 2012

tape.pngWould a kid actually use the word “tape”? Obviously the phrase is being used here the same way somebody would say “dial a phone number (I’m sure there’s a word for that sort of thing), but I just don’t think I’ve ever hear anybody born after 1990 or so refer to “taping” something.

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The Adventures of Hoorkman

Cidu Bill on Jul 11th 2011


As this storyline begins its second week, Edge City has officially broken the record for the most consecutive strips focusing on a major character’s attempt to expel mucous.

Seriously, it’s like watching paint dry, if the paint were relentlessly disgusting.

Yes, we get it, Terry and Patty LaBan wrote this storyline when they had the flu and they were both too heavily medicated to know what they were doing — but isn’t there somebody at the syndicate whose job it is to step in and shut this sort of thing down?

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The Week-Long Ewww

Cidu Bill on Jul 7th 2011


This week in Edge City: Len tries to clear the phlegm from his chest. Every single day.

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Ignorance is Ignorance

Cidu Bill on Jan 29th 2011


Colin is 9 years old.

Once again, I’m struck by the fact that Len and Abby are easily the worst parents in the history of comics. And of course by that I don’t mean humorously-incompetent-in-a-comic-strip-way bad parents, but there-are-parents-like-this-in-real-life-and-holy-shit-why-is-there-no-law-providing-for-mandatory-sterilization bad parents.

Oh, and by the way, Abby’s a psychologist.

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Cidu Bill on Mar 27th 2010

I swear, it drives me crazy every time this strip deals with the family’s Judaism. I’m certain the strip’s writers are Jewish but the family, at least, seems to be less familiar with Judaism than I am with Baha’i.

My kids were usually the only Jewish kids in their preschools and kindergartens, and this was never an issue. I brought matzoh into the classrooms; but instead of gefilte fish and horseradish, I brought



Throw in an age-appropriate retelling of Exodus, and a good time was had by all.

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They Call Me MISTER Bill

Cidu Bill on Feb 3rd 2010


Is this really a matter of manners? It’s been my experience — both as a child and as a parent — that there are some neighborhoods where most parents are called by their first names, and other neighborhoods where they’re not. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Where we lived for the first half of my kids’ lives, all their friends’ parents went by their first names (which got a little complicated when my older son’s friend’s mother became my younger son’s teacher, since of course teachers are never called by their first names). Then we moved and here, no matter how close we are to some of our neighbors, it’s all honorifics and surnames (except for our next-door neighbor Chris, who likes everybody to call him Mister Chris).

I can’t believe Abby is implying that her son goes around calling adults by their first names if he hasn’t been invited to do so. We’re not talking about the other kid having good manner as much as her own kid being inexcusably rude. It’s true that the mother and father in this strip are among the worst parents in all of comicstripdom, but still…

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Edge City: Once again, Worst… Parents… Ever

Cidu Bill on Oct 27th 2009


And is this even a conflict that happens in the real world? A kid refuses to carry her own backpack to the bus stop? What happens when she gets to school, she gets assigned a sherpa to carry it for her?

My only guess it that the girl’s passsive-aggressive mother has turned her into a manipulative brat.

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”Proprozac” or ”Buying the Pharm”

Cidu Bill on Jun 27th 2009

I knew we’d reach the day when product placement would take over the comics page. These past two weeks of Edge City have been brought to you by Eli Lilly.

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Jew Eat?

Cidu Bill on Apr 13th 2009

Um… Len’s worried about being outed as a Jew??

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She’s Really Starting to Annoy Me Now

Cidu Bill on Apr 3rd 2009

There’s a time for creativity and there’s a time to follow directions. Mom’s had two weeks to figure this out, and this storyline doesn’t seem to know where it’s going.
 (If this all seems familiar…)

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I Remember When Rubric Was Just a Cube

Cidu Bill on Mar 24th 2009

(Though I’m not old enough to remember when it was something Hannibal crossed) rubric.gif
Not a CIDU, but I was just wondering… When did this become common school jargon? I don’t think my kids were ever given instructions or guidelines for a project or paper: They’re given rubrics, a word I’d never heard before.

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My Own Comics List

Cidu Bill on Aug 14th 2008

since i was asked…

Comics I Like So Much, I Would Actually Buy a Newspaper If I Had To

Comics I Read Every Day and If I’m Out of Town For a Few Days I’ll Make Sure I Hit the Archives to Make Sure I Haven’t Missed Any Continue Reading »

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