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For the Start of the Beach Season

Cidu Bill on May 26th 2017

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Comics That Made the Easter Bunny Laugh Out Loud

Cidu Bill on Apr 16th 2017




Boise Ed:


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Donald Donner??

Cidu Bill on Jul 8th 2016


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Duck, Duck…

Cidu Bill on Jul 18th 2014


His sister is their mother, so ick.

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Cidu Bill on Jul 10th 2014


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Keith: ”This is just wrong”

Cidu Bill on Feb 27th 2012


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Cidu Bill on Jan 18th 2011

A Pennsylvania woman is suing Disney, claiming that on her last visit to Disney World, an employee in a Donald Duck costume groped her breasts, leaving her with post traumatic stress disorder resulting in difficulties eating and sleeping.

Now, I’m in no way excusing what this guy did. I’m perfectly okay with him seeing the inside of a jail cell. There’s a really simple rule of thumb here: you don’t grab a woman’s breasts without her permission. Ain’t really complicated.

That being said though… post traumatic stress disorder? Seriously? If you’re suffering from post traumatic stress disorder because a guy in a Donald Duck costume groped your breasts — to the extent that a guy in a Donald Duck costume can grope anybody’s breasts — then I’m sorry, but I have to think you had some issues before ever setting foot in the Magic Kingdom.

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LOL-July 26

Cidu Bill on Jul 26th 2009

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