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Enlighten Us

Cidu Bill on Jul 27th 2016


Boise Ed: Fireworks are full of gunpowder plus chemicals for coloring, right? Maybe the “oxidizing agent” is some kind of accelerant? Whatever, the joke eludes me.

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Cidu Bill on Dec 2nd 2015



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Cidu Bill on Jun 17th 2013


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Today’s Dogs of C-Kennel

Cidu Bill on May 13th 2013


Several people sent me this one. Today is four weeks after the Boston Marathon.

This is why syndicated comic strip artists should not do “tribute” strips: it might seem like a great idea when they draw them, but the minimum 3-week lead time makes the comics a bit pointless (or at the very least, stale-looking).

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Saturday Morning Ewww - May 11, 2013

Cidu Bill on May 11th 2013



Andréa sent this:

with a notation that it references this

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Cidu Bill on Jan 30th 2013

Comics (and subject line) submitted by Andréa:


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