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Ring Tones

Cidu Bill on Jul 8th 2017


Ringtones are the 21st century’s greatest opportunities for passive-aggressive behavior since, unless you’re unfortunate like Cynthia, the person calling never knows what ringtone you’ve assigned to their calls. Like the guy I was with a few years ago whose phone rang with a funeral dirge and he answered with “Hi, Mom.”

Presumably there are issues.

Most of the ringtones on my phone are benign, such as “Blinded Me With Science” playing when my mad scientist older son calls, and “Pictures From an Exhibition” when my younger son, the artist, calls.

But the fun comes when you, well, choose ringtones you’d rather the person not know about, the way Cynthia did. We have a friend, whom we’ve known for twenty years, who always feels the need to both tell me her name after I say hello (as if my phone hasn’t already displayed it), but describe who she is. After the millionth time, I realized she reminded me of this running gag from Doctor Who:

So now when she calls, what I hear in place of a ring is “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister!”

Anyway, what are everybody else’s favorite ringtones? You do not need to mention specific names, of course.

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[OT] B.A.: “Where you going?” “Barcelona.”

Cidu Bill on Apr 3rd 2017

B.A.: This scene has been puzzling me for the past 11 years. What is the joke about the dogs? Rose seems to recognize it as a joke, so it’s not a case of the Doctor losing his mind. Maybe a British thing?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

CIDU Bill: Just a reminder that I will not put your name in the subject line unless you explicitly tell me I can.

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Doctor Who Meets Rocky Horror

Cidu Bill on Jul 8th 2014

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Is there something inherently safe about the Tardis?

Cidu Bill on Oct 30th 2013


Because honestly, that is not the first adjective that comes to mind…

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Who gets this?

Cidu Bill on Dec 8th 2012


If you’re seriously into Doctor Who, you’ll probably get this. If you’re not, there would be zero point explaining it to you.

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New Doctor Who Mini-Episode

Cidu Bill on Mar 19th 2011

I mention this here because a number of you are apparently Doctor Who fans, and I hadn’t known this aired (in England) until somebody told my wife and she told me.

Part One

Part Two

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I love it when people have way too much time on their hands and they use it to make things like this

Cidu Bill on Mar 12th 2011

Obviously some of you will appreciate this and some of you will not.

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Off-Topic Question

Cidu Bill on Apr 8th 2010

I just saw the season premiere, and I was wondering what y’all thought about Doctor Who 90210.

(There might be spoilers here, obviously)

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Television Logic I Don’t Understand

Cidu Bill on Jan 1st 2010

A pivitol Doctor WHo episode was aired in England today — if you’re a fan you know what I mean and if you’re not, there’s nothing gained by explaining — which won’t be shown in the United States and Canada for a couple of months. What I’m not understanding is why they don’t broadcast it on this side of the Pond (on BBC America) today as well. This question applies just as well to other programs, of course.

What is the possible downside of letting this air on American television on the same day? There’s no technological or logistical problem, of course. It’s not taking anything away from the BBC or the British public. And in the specific case of Doctor Who, it’s a safe bet that 97.3% of all American fans know how to and will simply download the episode tonight — which is what I’m doing — rendering the eventual American broadcast rights virtually worthless. My wife discusses Doctor Who and Torchwood (a spinoff) episodes online with friends and no exaggeration, not one of them is aware of when any of the episodes ran on American television.

If BBC America showed today’s episode tonight, they’d have a huge audience (by BBC America standards). Two months form now, American fans will be downloading and watching the start of the following Doctor Who season.

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Who’s Batman!

Cidu Bill on Mar 3rd 2009

  • Some entertaining stuff (two different videos) for Batman and Dr. Who fans

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