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So… there’s no Daylight Saving Time in Kevin and Kell’s Universe?

Cidu Bill on Mar 17th 2014


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Time Change

Cidu Bill on Mar 13th 2013


Speaking of time changes… as always, Wordpress will be putting queued posts online an hour late (1:02am ET instead of 12:02am) until it gets its act together. This has been an issue twice a year for at least the past 7 or 8 years. Seriously, this whole Daylight Saving Time thing isn’t brain surgery: you’d really think they’d figure out how to program their system to make the change-over automatically.

(and yes, this post is going online on time — but that’s because I’m manually changing it)

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DST Question

Cidu Bill on Mar 15th 2010

I was just wondering… If you have OnStar or Sirius Radio in your car, does your dashboard clock change by itself when DST begins (the same way the time in your cell phone and DVR do)?

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WordPress and Daylight Saving Time

Cidu Bill on Mar 15th 2010

For some reason, WordPress never figures out that Daylight Saving Time has begun until a few weeks after the fact, meaning each day’s new post will show up an hour late (unless I remember to manually change each one after 12:02am).

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Unexpected Haloloween

Cidu Bill on Oct 31st 2009


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