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A Banner Day

Cidu Bill on Dec 1st 2014


For the pop culturally-challenged, Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk when he gets angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

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Jonathan Lemon’s “Office Party”

Cidu Bill on Jul 27th 2014


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Who indeed? And why?

Cidu Bill on May 8th 2014


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The Reader

Cidu Bill on Jun 21st 2013


This one made me laugh for a personal reason (I’m pretty sure I told this story in a different context a while back here, so feel free to skip past it…

A few days before my son’s fourth birthday, as he was sitting on my lap and I was reading “Little House on the Prairie” to him, I noticed his head kept moving left to right and back again in sync with the words I was reading. I stopped and said “Zachary, do you know how to read?”

He said “Yes,” sort of hesitantly.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Because I like being read to, and once you knew I could read, you wouldn’t read to me anymore.”

(and as it turned out, because I’m a terrible human being, he was pretty much correct)

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Who’s the puppet on the left supposed to be?

Cidu Bill on Feb 6th 2013


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Don’t mean to single anybody out, but…

Cidu Bill on Dec 24th 2012

“The Grinch’s heart grew three sizes so he died” has become the “Hey, if there’s global warming why is it so cold?” of Christmas comics.

I’m tempted some year to collect all the “Grinch died from an enlarged heart” gags and post them all in one place on December 24.

Yeah, I know, bah humbug.

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Okay, Ms. Price, you do know these things do exist, right? They’re called ”diners”?

Cidu Bill on Aug 30th 2012


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Mutt’s going on here?

Cidu Bill on Aug 22nd 2012


I have no problem with the second strip being a meta reference to the first (though I’m sure nobody called it that at the time). I’m just not entirely certain about Mutt’s reaction to Mrs. Mutt’s comment (and did she actually have a name before they were married?). Presumably he did understand the gag, and left the room in dismay after she gratuitously explained the strip to him. Though I’m not sure about the big question mark over his head. I’d have gone with an exclamation mark.Now, of course, once somebody confirms that my interpretation of the strip is correct, a big question mark will appear over my head and I’ll have to leave the room.

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Customer Service (Arlo Alert)

Cidu Bill on May 23rd 2012

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Do they even TAKE reservations at Olive Grden??

Cidu Bill on Jan 8th 2012


And Connie has a really low threshold for frustration, doesn’t she? She wouldn’t last a week as a parent.

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Cidu Bill on Jan 3rd 2012


Okay, wait, maybe I sort of kind of get part of this: are they actually peeing in the snow? And Green Lantern’s is green for some reason, but the other guys’ are… white??

No, the more I think I get it, the more confused I am.

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A Very Calvin and Hobbes Christmas

Cidu Bill on Dec 19th 2011

(Lifted from Nicole’s Facebook page)

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LOL - August 15

Cidu Bill on Aug 15th 2011

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”I’d rather be a Geezer than an Arlo… yes I would…”

Cidu Bill on Mar 27th 2011

Comic and tagline submitted by Timothy Carignan

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”Bad Timing of the Year” Award

Cidu Bill on Mar 13th 2011


Can’t really blame Batiuk for this one, of course, since he works with a long lead time. There was far less excuse for the comic (I can’t remember which strip) poking fun at the Queen Mum, which happened to have been published the day she died. I mean yeah, strips are generally written and submitted three weeks ahead, but… she was what, a hundred and three years old? You really have to know you’re pushing your luck there.

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Cidu Bill on Jan 5th 2011


Metatext: I’m a solipsistic conspiracy theorist. I’m sure I must be up to something, and I will not stop until I find out what.

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Shock Therapy and Creepiosity

Cidu Bill on Nov 2nd 2010


Doug Bratton’s book is being published today. I can’t tell you much about it, because his publicist was supposed to send me a review copy and she never got around to it, but I imagine it’s a whole bunch of Pop Culture Pop Therapy strips, and we know they’re funny, and Doug entertains us with new strips just about every day which we get to read for free, and I met him and he’s a nice guy, so why not buy a copy? The guy’s got to make a living you know?

And speaking of books published by Andrews McMeel that I was promised a copy of but never received, my baby brother’s book Creepiosity is in its second printing. The biggest difference from the first printing is that I finally got my photographer’s credit in the back of the book, so I can drop my lawsuit.


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Ah yes, I remember it well

Cidu Bill on Jun 2nd 2010


Is she testing him, or is her mind alternating between functional and senility? Or is there something here more than “old people = Alzheimers”?

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This was kind of scary…

Cidu Bill on May 24th 2010

I came across these two comics in a new Gahan Wilson collection, and I remembered them as if I’d just seen them — and then I saw that they were both almost 40 years old.

demonstration.jpg(If the comics are too big for your screen, please click them to see the full panels)

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Sunday Funnies: LOL May 23

Cidu Bill on May 23rd 2010


(This comic become a lot more readable if you click it)

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Comic That Made Me Laugh Out Loud — Because I’m 12 Years Old

Cidu Bill on May 16th 2010

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Cidu Bill on Apr 19th 2010

Ever notice how just about every comic strip and television show containing teenagers works in at least one storyline about the kid running up a monstrous text messaging bill? Is there a single American family with teenagers and cell phones that doesn’t take the unlimited texting option (which every wireless company offers)?

Are the writers so divorced from reality that they aren’t aware of this? Or is this like the “look at all the snow; so much for global warming, ha ha ha” gag where they just assume their audience is ignorant?

(Just for the record, without unlimited texting, my 16-year-old son’s average monthly bill would be about $350)

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Dating Tips for Women

Cidu Bill on Mar 1st 2010

Nicole sent this trifecta: The first panel is a LOL, while the second panel is one for the Ewww Files and needs to be shunted over to the Arlo Page.

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