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Well… none, actually…

Cidu Bill on May 11th 2017


Half a century at Camp Swampy, and he apparently still hasn’t successfully completed Basic Training.

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The Essential 10

Cidu Bill on Dec 31st 2015

In Autumn of 2015, I asked you to send me your lists of specific comics that are so “essential,” we can assume that most fans of the genre will be familiar with most if not all of them.

Over 60 of you responded, sending me 67 different comics, well over 200 comics in all, most of which got multiple votes. Before I list the top 10 (actually 16 because of a 9-way tie, this is the Close But No Segar list:

Doonebury: “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” (which was on my personal list)

Peanuts: “Hold My Hand, Chuck”

Bloom County: “Death Star”

B.C.: “Clams Got Legs!”

James Thurber: “It’s a naïve domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you’ll be amused by its presumption”

Peanuts: “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” (the original appearance)

And for the statistics-obsessed: Far Side was cited most often, 11 times; James Thurber 8; Calvin and Hobbes 6; The New Yorker (not including James Thurber and Charles Addams) 6; and Charles Addams 5.

And now the winners:

In a 9-way tie for 7th place (top to bottom, Gary Larson’s Far Side, Carl Rose in the New Yorker, James Thurber, Larson again, Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes, BobMankoff in the New Yorker, that Larson guy a couple more times, and Saul Steinberg in the New Yorker):










And now coming in at #6, from James Thurber:


#5, Charles Addams:


#4, Charles Schulz:


#3, Walt Kelly:


#2, Peter Steiner:


And finally from Bill Watterson, published 20 years ago today, voted #1 by a wide margin, and probably the greatest comic strip finale ever:


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In case you thought there was anything even remotely new about this…

Cidu Bill on Oct 12th 2011


October, 1959

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Moneybags Monday

Cidu Bill on Dec 8th 2008


Synchronicity noticed by Larry R

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Comics That Made Me Laugh Out Loud in Early January

Cidu Bill on Jan 16th 2008

(though I suspect that men are more likely than women to laugh at this one)


This one also wins the ”Sometimes You Should Quit After the First Panel” Award, so all I’m putting up is the first panel

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