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Saturday Morning Ewww - June 23

Cidu Bill on Jun 23rd 2012

Yannick Roy:


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LOL - April 11

Cidu Bill on Apr 11th 2011

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LOL-February 1

Cidu Bill on Feb 1st 2010

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For the Post-Christmas Awww Files

Cidu Bill on Dec 31st 2009

Keera: I can so relate to today’s “The Buckets”; I got the same movie, too, for Christmas. I do have one gripe: “Star Wars” was never set in the future, only in a galaxy far, far away.


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Cidu Bill on Dec 11th 2009


Keera Ann Fox: I don’t get Larry’s ew response. Tell you the truth, I’m not sure I get anything about this cartoon.

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Keep Out

Cidu Bill on May 27th 2009


Keera Ann Fox: Who or what is he trying to keep out, and why does he look like he really wants to beat whatever/whoever it is up so it’s just an advantage if whoever/whatever comes through the door? (At least I think that’s a door.)

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