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Old Comics Never Die

Cidu Bill on Oct 22nd 2015


Anybody remember what the original text was?

This week, Stone Soup joined The Meaning of Tina, Peanuts, FBOFW, Peanuts, Fox Trot, Doonesbury, PreTeena, and Boondocks (which only ran originally for about a week and a half before Aaron McGruder got bored) as daily strips that are no longer being written, but are still running as repeats (or, as they’re euphemistically billed, “classics”).

(quick disclaimers: a couple of these strips still have new Sunday strips, and I’m not sure PreTeena repeats are still running — I deleted it from my bookmarks after the first rerun run completed)

Am I missing any? And are you for or against the practice of repeating old strips instead of replacing them with new strips? Granted, for most of us, who get our comics online, this makes little or no practical difference: but it would be nice, I think, if some new artists rather than Charles Schulz’s estate could make a few bucks.

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I’m confused as well

Cidu Bill on Dec 28th 2011

(This strip originally ran in 2001, if that helps)

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Change ”Bush” to ‘Obama,” “Liberia” to “Libya” and ”Kobe Bryant” to ”Charlie Sheen,” and the gag still works 8 years later

Cidu Bill on Mar 5th 2011


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Sunday Funnies: LOL February 13

Cidu Bill on Feb 13th 2011

(The family is snowed in during a blackout))


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