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“Adam throwing Eve under the bus, thousands of years before buses were even invented”

Cidu Bill on Apr 3rd 2017


(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

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Cidu Bill on Feb 22nd 2013

Submitted by both William Dunham and Jeff Renner:



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English Restaurant Owner in Trouble for Displaying Anti-Gay Bible Passages

Cidu Bill on Sep 29th 2011

(Of course, things are rarely as simple as they seem…)

There’s a YouTube version of the article as well as a print version: I needed to make sure I knew how to do it (thanks everybody for your suggestions last week), so I figured I might as well try it out in a real-world situation.

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Cidu Bill on Aug 2nd 2010

Timothy Carignan: I’m a preacher, and I don’t quite get this one. The only thing I know of Noah doing that was embarrassing was getting drunk and passing out naked at some point after the flood. Doesn’t exactly fit with “BC” and “picnic incident.”

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Back of the Book

Cidu Bill on Jul 5th 2010


Unless he’s expressing his preference for the New Testament, I’m stumped.

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But the tips are…

Cidu Bill on Nov 1st 2008

Sure it’s funny; but is the “real” version really kinder and gentler?

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Cidu Bill on Mar 22nd 2008


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