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Cidu Bill on Dec 2nd 2017


Actually, Mr. Mallett is understating the situation: Bed, Bath and Beyond (you’re not fooling anybody, dude) sends out coupons every two or three weeks that remain good for about two months: in other words, there’s almost always an overlap.

Which the company has acknowledged to be a problem, since regular customers hardly ever make purchases that aren’t discounted (because even if by some fluke the customer doesn’t have a valid coupon, he’ll hold off on a purchase knowing he will have one momentarily)

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WAY Beyond [mostly OT, but comics-related]

Cidu Bill on Feb 3rd 2017

In Clifton, NJ Monday, two men were arrested for having sex on a display bed in a Bed, Bath and Beyond. My mind went right here (because I have no idea where my keys are, but I can instantly recall a comic I saw 50-odd years ago):


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