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LOL, Ewww, Arlo, take your pick

Cidu Bill on Oct 29th 2016


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Sunday Funnies: LOL, September 4, 2016

Cidu Bill on Sep 4th 2016





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And speaking of Anthony Weiner…

Cidu Bill on Oct 17th 2011


Now that I’ve already interviewed a lawyer about the legality of Traci Nobles’s tell-all book about former congressman Anthony Weiner, I figured it was about time I actually read some of it.

What a repulsive woman this is!


Some women can claim to have been victims of Anthony Weiner’s improper behavior: but Ms. Nobles willingly took part in a 9-month online relationship with Weiner, a sexting relationship of sufficient involvement that he apparently can make references to the appearance of her genitalia. She has no business coming forward now condemning Weiner and claiming she “wants to set the record straight,” when in fact she’s looking to make some money and steal her 15 minutes of fame.

After 9 months, Weiner was entitled to think of her as a friend — even disgraced former congressmen have a right to have friends — and friends don’t do this. Period.

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One of Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partners Writes (Well, Copy-and-Pastes) a Tell-All Book

Cidu Bill on Oct 13th 2011

Yeah, I know, who cares? What’s interesting, though, is whether she violated copyright laws: a letter-writer, not the recipient, owns all rights to his work. Is online communication treated differently? Fortunately my publisher hangs out with a lot of lawyers, and he hooked me up with one who was willing to discuss all the angles.

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Arloish LOL

Cidu Bill on Jul 10th 2011


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Where Anthony Weiner Went Wrong

Cidu Bill on Jun 10th 2011

Interesting article, answers some of the questions I had, gives me a new appreciation of how stupid you can be and still be elected to Congress. Somewhat NSFW, but that’s to be expected.

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People I’ll Condemn Before I Condemn Anthony Weiner

Cidu Bill on Jun 8th 2011

The media. There’s no legitimate reason anybody outside of Weiner’s district should even know his name.

His fellow Democrats,  who are stampeding one another in a mad rush to throw him under the bus.

(I hold Republicans blameless; whatever they do or say can be attributed to pure giddiness over the fact that it’s not one of their own this time)

Every politician who condemns Weiner though they’ve done far worse themselves. And you know there are a lot of them.

The women involved, coming forward to claim their 15 minutes of fame, going into very public swoons because they were exposed to photos of a man in his underwear, demanding apologies and no doubt gearing up for lawsuits. If any of these women have ever said or done anything improper online, I hope it’s made public; and if any of them have ever e-mailed or texted photos of themselves in  their underwear or topless, I’d like to see those photos plastered across the Internet.

Okay, I have intolerance-of-hypocrisy issues

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Quote of the Day

Cidu Bill on Jun 8th 2011

From author Tess Gerritsen: “How easy it is to destroy a man’s political career. Just murmur: ‘You’re hot,’ and he’ll do it to himself.”

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