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Cidu Bill on Dec 30th 2010

If you live pretty much anywhere in the United States, there might have been a day this month when you came in from the cold and the first thing you did was put on a pair of warm, dry socks.

Now imagine you’re a Marine in Afghanistan, where winters can be bitterly cold, and you don’t have socks that can stand up to the weather.

Rob Verbeck, a long-time visitor to the CIDU site, is an elementary school teacher in New York, and his class is organizing a drive to send “40 below” socks to these Marines. He set up a link on his class page explaining how you can order socks from Extreme Outfitters, and the company will send them to Rob’s school and waive the shipping charges. He’ll take care of sending them all overseas.

Please remember how your feet felt when you came in from shoveling snow or just walking through the slush this month, and help out: if even 1% of everybody who visits CIDU this week buys just one pair of socks each, that’s going to add up to a whole lot of socks — and hopefully we can do better than that.


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Working Hard

Cidu Bill on Jan 7th 2009

  • The political cartoon page meets the Arlo Page

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