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2012 Comic Strip Question

Cidu Bill on Dec 31st 2012

Same question I asked at the end of last year and the year before: What comic strip did you discover this year that you now read religiously (and that you’d recommend to your fellow CIDU readers)? Feel free to include links, because the “responses can’t contain more than 2 links” function has been disabled.

The two that come to mind for me are Buni and Head Trip (though Sandra and Woo is growing on me).

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New Laws for 2012 [CJA]

Cidu Bill on Jan 2nd 2012

A list of lists

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Office 2012

Cidu Bill on Jul 8th 2010


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Cidu Bill on Oct 8th 2009

On one hand, 2012 probably won’t be a very good movie. On the other hand, if ever a movie warrants an iMax version, this one’s probably it.

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