Arlo’s Year

Cidu Bill on Nov 29th 2017


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  1. chemgal Nov 29th 2017 at 01:37 pm 1

    My guess is they have so many decorations, they only use half for display each year. This year, it’s the ones Arlo likes.

  2. Bob Nov 29th 2017 at 01:37 pm 2

    Arlo likes the glitz (Santa, lights, snowman, reindeer); Janis prefers the subdued (wreath, candles, sleigh bells).

  3. mike smith Nov 29th 2017 at 02:06 pm 3

    I think Bob has it. Judging from my neighborhood, every year is Arlo’s around here.

  4. Brian in STL Nov 29th 2017 at 02:49 pm 4

    Janis doesn’t seem unhappy about it. Maybe not as happy as Arlo.

  5. Mary Ellen Nov 29th 2017 at 02:50 pm 5

    It’s his year to choose the decorations, so they’re putting up the light-up Santas and such that Arlo likes, instead of the more understated garlands and candles Janis prefers. But they’re both happy with it.

  6. Mark M Nov 29th 2017 at 04:19 pm 6

    I can relate. I have a bathroom snowman with a motion sensor that says things like “Are you okay? You look a little flush! Get it? Flush!” My wife is not a big fan but tolerates it.

  7. Weird Beard Nov 29th 2017 at 08:19 pm 7

    @Mark M: It’s a major award!

  8. Mitch4 Nov 30th 2017 at 12:47 am 8

    They’re both happy (or happy-enough) with it because it has proved to be a successful compromise.

  9. Terrence Feenstra Nov 30th 2017 at 08:53 am 9

    If it were my year - which it never is - I wouldn’t have to go to both the attic and basement. But then again, the look of childish delight on my wife’s face pays for all.

  10. Ignatz Nov 30th 2017 at 09:06 am 10

    If they had any sense, Arlo would have the even-numbered years, from how many letters are in his name. Then he wouldn’t have to ask or remember.

  11. Irene Nov 30th 2017 at 01:20 pm 11

    The first time hubby and I decorated a tree, we nearly got divorced. He grew up with big bulbs in one color that flash, glass ornaments, tinsel, AND garland. I grew up with tiny, non-flashing, multicolor lights…and cats. So the ornaments were non-shattering and there was neither tinsel nor garland.

    I now recommend couples decorate a Christmas tree as part of their marriage preparation.

  12. mitch4 Nov 30th 2017 at 01:23 pm 12

    Ignatz says: If they had any sense, Arlo would have the even-numbered years, from how many letters are in his name. Then he wouldn’t have to ask or remember.

    Good idea, and it could work because he’s married to Janis, not Janice.

  13. Meryl A Dec 6th 2017 at 01:35 am 13

    We put up EVERYTHING. We now put up 5 trees - 1 big, 3 small, and 1 beaded. (Sorry if I posted something like this already - I did somewhere, but I don’t think here.)

    Last year when we were talking about decorating for Christmas one of the fellows in our reenactment unit commented (politely and jokingly) “The Jewish girl decorates for Christmas more than anyone else.” I figured it out - when one is Christian and has grown up decorating for Christmas one has traditions in the family to follow. My closest thing to traditions grown up with is movies - and so I decorate for Christmas like in the movies - okay, actually as in a combination of every Christmas related movie I have ever seen combined.

    There will be (artificial) swags in 2 rooms. There is a large general tree in the living room and an assortment of stuffed Christmas stuffed bears (and a couple of Chanukah ones) as well as an assortment of other decorative items and a beaded tree that I made and decorated. There is a Colonial Williamsburg contribution ornaments tree in the dining room (nominally the room itself is decorated 1700s tavern) and greens and bows on the repro ceiling light fixture and individual piece of (artificial) greens on various pieces hanging around the room - which in period a few pieces of greens placed around would have been all the decorating. (English style - no Xmas trees until Prince Albert brings one to England and awhile longer to the US). And an assortment of 4ft tall and smaller Santas, Elves and angels - some of them also, yes, bears. Front hall between the two rooms gets a small wreath, a couple of greens,mall, smistletoe (again, all greens are artificial) and the small bit of staircase rail that is not against a wall gets swag and ribbons. Plus some cute items. Fourth tree is in our studios at the opening to the kitchen (which has its own decorations) and holds only items we have made. Upstairs in the hall there is an entire village of teddy bears celebrating the winter and in the center a 3ft or so tree with teddy bear ornaments. I no longer put the office tree - decorated solely with office supplies - I finally needed the paper clip chain garland as paperclips.

    So we run from traditional to crazy. Did you know that one can get artificial poinsettia for outside?

  14. Meryl A Dec 6th 2017 at 01:37 am 14

    Terrence Feenstra
    Looking at the strip again after I posted - I think he is only in the attic. The first two panels look like a basement, but there is a vent next to him as would be in an attic and he is yelling down the stairs from upstairs.

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