1968 Comic I Might Have Understood If I’d Seen It In 1968. But I Didn’t. But I Might Have.

Cidu Bill on Nov 17th 2017


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  1. Arthur Nov 17th 2017 at 05:58 pm 1

    Was it published during the time of some riots where some
    businesses put up “soul brother” signs on their stores in the
    hopes that the rioters would not trash the business?

  2. Cidu Bill Nov 17th 2017 at 08:05 pm 2

    Ah. Of course.

  3. Mark in Boston Nov 17th 2017 at 10:06 pm 3

    I may have seen it in 1968.

    I probably got it back then. Yes, there were “soul brother” signs.

    Two movies that give you a good look at the times are “Putney Swope” (Robert Downey [a prince], 1969) and “Hi, Mom” (Brian DePalma, Robert de Niro, 1970).

  4. Mitch4 Nov 18th 2017 at 11:05 am 4

    That was Robert Downey SENIOR, of course, as you might figure from the date. (I think he may have later used “Sr. ” in his credits once Jr’s acting career was launched.)

    I once, in conversation with younger colleagues, tried to outline the story and outlook of “Putney Swope”, and faced disbelief. The history of civil rights (and race relations beyond sheer legalities) is taught in terms of the big things, and wouldn’t mention things like the absence of Black actors from commercials made for broadcast networks.

    But actually the most startling funny moment from early in the film was pretty much a non-racial bit. It was the consultant who is coptered in to the ad agency offices, and delivers a single sentence reporting the research on what beer means to the American psyche.

  5. mitch4 Nov 18th 2017 at 08:22 pm 5

    Followup to MiB #3 and my #4 —

    IMDB, it turns out, does not list the line I had in their “Memorable Quotes” list for Putney Swope. I’ll have to try to find it and watch so I can accurately submit it.

    But looking it up was not useless. for one thing, it explained MiB’s remark about “(a prince)”. for another, the quotes does list another I remember and can visualize:

    Commercial Narrator: Jim Keranga of Watts, California is eating a bowl of Ethereal Cereal, the heavenly breakfast. Jim, did you know that Ethereal has 25% more riboflavin than any other cereal on the market? Ethereal also packs the added punch of .002 ESP units of pectin!
    Jim Keranga: No shit.

    The visual is just an African-american family at breakfast. I thought I remembered John Amos as the dad, but IMDB tells us it was Walter Jones (IV). The punctuation in the quotation of his line could, I think, be improved. This way it looks like he already knows all this and is dismissing the voiceover as non-news. I think a question mark or even exclamation would better convey the tone of disinterested but polite “Well hey, what’d'ya know?”

  6. Mark in Boston Nov 18th 2017 at 10:00 pm 6

    If the credit reads “Robert Downey [a prince]”, it refers to Robert Downey Senior.

  7. Meryl A Nov 22nd 2017 at 12:59 am 7

    Mitch4 - Jr was in “Greaser’s Palace” in, I think 1972.

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