Saturday Morning Oy-Ewww

Cidu Bill on Oct 28th 2017



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  1. Lord Flatulence Oct 28th 2017 at 12:31 am 1

    This one was already done in Marvin.

  2. Kilby Oct 28th 2017 at 01:15 am 2

    As noted @1, the “deja poo” gag in the fourth panel has been done before(*), but even besides the built-in mini apology, one of the main charms about “Bug” is that there’s usually some sort of a gag in each of the four panels, not just in the last one.

    P.S. (*) I wonder how many comics we will see on Tuesday with “deja boo” in them.

  3. Kilby Oct 28th 2017 at 01:19 am 3

    P.P.S. Given the name @1, it’s not surprising that he’s an expert on the subject. However, the problem with “Marvin” is that it is distributed by King Features, so it’s nearly impossible to find a quotable link to the comic.

  4. Carl Oct 28th 2017 at 08:54 am 4


    … However, the problem with “Marvin” is that it is distributed by King Features, so it’s nearly impossible to find a quotable link to the comic.

    That’s the problem with Marvin? Not the fact that it’s stupidly repetitive? That it’s unfunny? No, the problem is that it’s hard to link to specific comics?

  5. Kilby Oct 28th 2017 at 09:32 am 5

    @ Carl (4) - I have to agree with you that the problem I pointed out @3 is really with King Features, and not specifically related to Marvin. However, I don’t think I have ever liked any of the comics that King Features carries, so I may have taken it as tacitly given that the strip’s quality is sub-par.

  6. mitch4 Oct 28th 2017 at 09:35 am 6

    Is Martini more like just a surname, or are we to imagine the ways a Martini cocktail could include some bugs? Would they be tiny gnats stirred in whole, or some sort of puree used as another semi-liquid ingredient in the recipe?

  7. SpuddyBuddy Oct 28th 2017 at 10:20 am 7

    @Lord Flatulance (1) and @Kilby (2), Besides the frequent references to smelly diapers and making a diaper related mess… if the Marvin strip has done the “deja poo” joke already, it wasn’t recently. I think that warrants Bug a bye.

    Comics Kingdom carries the King Features comics and allows the user to browse previous comics (one at a time) going back a long way. I browsed back through April 2017 and didn’t find any Marvin comic with a deja poo joke (or even very close to a deja poo joke). Now I’d like that 1.5 hours of my life back… but I might add Marvin to my regular reading list, if it didn’t seem to channel current Garfield level of humor (weak, at best, recently).

  8. Cidu Bill Oct 28th 2017 at 11:33 pm 8

    Well, to be fair, there’s a double punchline in the fourth panel (as well as a somewhat unpleasant one in the third).

    And, Huber has obviously had a long week.

  9. Powers Oct 29th 2017 at 10:01 am 9

    Am I the only one who thinks about these things /before/ jumping into reproducing?

  10. larK Oct 29th 2017 at 11:04 am 10

    Powers: most likely yes, you are a mutant, because evolutionarily speaking that trait of yours will be bred out of the species…

  11. Ted from Ft. Laud Oct 29th 2017 at 03:35 pm 11

    And that phase doesn’t go on that long, in the grand scheme of things - and eventually they learn to bring you beer, so…

  12. Kilby Oct 30th 2017 at 01:01 am 12

    @mitch4 (6) - I believe Huber’s motivation for adding “Martini” to the strip’s title was sumply to make it more distinctive (meaning “findable”). I don’t think it’s supposed to mean anything.

  13. DemetriosX Oct 30th 2017 at 06:11 am 13

    One of three things is true. 1) larK is actually Adam Huber, 2) Adam read larK’s comment @10 and dashed off a quick comic, or 3) great minds think alike. It’s probably 3), but larK’s comment @10 is essentially the Bug for Monday, October 30.

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