Strange Sushi

Cidu Bill on Sep 7th 2017


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  1. Kedamono Sep 7th 2017 at 12:25 am 1

    Gas station sushi… the butt of many a joke…

  2. Kamino Neko Sep 7th 2017 at 12:58 am 2

    And a joke on many a butt.

  3. Bob Sep 7th 2017 at 01:01 am 3

    And not a coastal gas station either.

  4. Arthur Sep 7th 2017 at 01:46 am 4

    First world problems.

  5. billybob Sep 7th 2017 at 02:36 am 5

    good thing it keeps well — put some extra in the trunk.

  6. fleabane Sep 7th 2017 at 03:06 am 6

    Sushi in the dessert is rare and impractical for obvious reasons. This is the last place on the edge of the desert that will have sushi. And it’s really, really, iffy.

    That’s it. That’s the joke.

  7. Kilby Sep 7th 2017 at 04:16 am 7

    @ Bob (3) - Proximity to a coastline does not guarantee seafood availability. I’ve been on at least three coastal and/or island vacations, each with its own charming seaside flair, but utterly devoid of locally caught fish: all we could get was imported from elsewhere.

    P.S. One notable exception was Iceland: we had a marvellous sushi dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Reykjavik. The rice resembled golf balls, but the seafood on top of them was stunningly delicious.

  8. Bob Sep 7th 2017 at 09:03 am 8

    Kilby, I wholly agree. However, if I were (forced) to eat gas station sushi/shasimi, and I had a choice between a coastal gas station or a desert gas station, I’m going coastal.

  9. Kilby Sep 7th 2017 at 10:40 am 9

    @ Bob (8) - I guess I have to agree with you there, but I would really have to be forced before I would try either one.

    P.S. Sushi is now available (prepackaged) at several local supermarkets here in Germany, and we’ve tried it several times, but we’ve almost always been rather disappointed. The same goes for “food court” sushi. I know of only one such place (but it’s in downtown Berlin) that makes something I’d consider “decent”, the rest have been marginal at best.

  10. Bob in Nashville Sep 7th 2017 at 05:33 pm 10

    Besides, in an absolute emergency on the coast one can resort to drop trou in the ocean.

  11. Ted from Ft. Laud Sep 7th 2017 at 06:11 pm 11

    Even in places with good supplies of local fish and other seafood (like here), few sushi places limit themselves to just the locally available items (certainly true even in Japan). So there is a dependency on (good) flash frozen, which - I guess - could also work for gas station sushi. Even some of the local items here are frozen - most of the shrimp is frozen at sea, so you generally have to go to a good fish market to get fresh. And a lot of stuff is flash frozen well enough that the impact isn’t too bad - I don’t like frozen stone crab and prefer fresh if I can get it (of most everything), but sometimes you take what you can get, and it’s OK.

    And if I remember correctly from an episode of Futurama, gas station egg salad can lead to all kinds of personal improvement, so imagine what gas station sushi could achieve…

  12. Singapore Bill Sep 7th 2017 at 10:17 pm 12

    There are two jokes:

    1. It’s a podunk gas station and they have sushi, like them big city folks eat
    2. It’s probably not going to be good sushi because gas station food tends to not be good.

    I lived in Japan for three years. There was a fishing fleet at the local harbour. Here in Toronto, I never go for sushi unless other people insist on it. It is…unremarkable. Proximity from an ocean doesn’t guarantee good sushi. Remoteness promises not very good sushi (unless you go to very high-end places I can’t afford).

  13. Dave in Boston Sep 8th 2017 at 12:16 am 13

    My experience with sushi in Toronto (granted this was 10+ years ago) is that it was generally better than what one could readily get in Boston, proximity to the ocean be damned. Boston’s improved quite a bit since though.

  14. Wherever Sep 8th 2017 at 01:37 am 14

    According to this joke in the Midwest, the other side of the sign, the one you see heading out of the desert, says “Joe’ Bait Shop”.

  15. James Pollock Sep 8th 2017 at 01:55 am 15

    I would assume that the key element in finding good sushi is the availability of people who know how to make good sushi. Since that quality is likely most concentrated in areas where Japanese people live, I would expect the likelihood of finding good sushi to decrease the further away from Japan one gets, in general, and to also go down as the relative population drops.

    So, in suburban Portland, near the technological center of the state, there was a formal Japanese restaurant in the strip mall just across the highway. On the closer side of the freeway, was a less formal “asian” restaurant, run by some nice Korean folks with Japanese, Korean, and a tiny bit of Chinese-style food. In the city, there’s lots of southeast-asian food restaurants to choose from.

    On the other hand, near my sister’s home in NC, there isn’t anywhere to get any kind of Japanese food. At least, that’s never on the list of places to go when I visit.

  16. Meryl A Sep 13th 2017 at 02:13 am 16

    “I’m so hungry that I could eat a sandwich from a gas station” - Clark Griswold

  17. Meryl A Sep 13th 2017 at 02:16 am 17

    When I go to one of my clients in Manhattan I stop in the food court in the office building near where I leave my car in Queens to use the ladies room. It is a small room stuck behind the edge of the sushi section. (One company seems to own all the restaurants in the food court so this is the toilet for all of the food court. Sushi section is at one of the end of the room with the pizza.)

    I was surprised to find out that they make the sushi to order there. I would worry about the half price sushi after 4 pm though.

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