CSI Tundra

Cidu Bill on Sep 5th 2017


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  1. Winter Wallaby Sep 5th 2017 at 12:29 am 1

    The police are pretty stupid. They see someone, dead in their bed, and assume it’s natural causes. It takes them a little to realize that the pillow is not under the person’s head, as you would normally expect, but above them, because the person has been smothered. Not the greatest joke, but it works for me. Except I’m not clear why they are deer/moose/animals, rather than human police - unless that’s just normal for this comic.

  2. Andréa Sep 5th 2017 at 01:47 am 2

    should that be “CSI Tundra”?

    Whoops -Bill

  3. fleabane Sep 5th 2017 at 02:58 am 3

    Pillows aren’t natural (part of nature)????

    Okay that doesn’t make sense and it’s obviously not correct… but it’s kind of unintentionally funny. (If it’s late enough and you are tired…)

  4. DemetriosX Sep 5th 2017 at 06:16 am 4

    The cartoon is dated April 2016. I wonder if this is at least a nod and a wink to the death of Antonin Scalia. He was supposedly found with his pillow over his face, while his death was ruled due to natural causes.

  5. Minor Annoyance Sep 5th 2017 at 06:21 am 5

    Think it was Robot Chicken that had a deer slipping money to a hunter and telling him to make it look like an accident.

  6. Bob in Nashville Sep 5th 2017 at 06:47 am 6

    And of course we all know that if it had been a hunter, he would have taken the body with him.

  7. Kilby Sep 5th 2017 at 06:59 am 7

    P.S. @5 - I’m sure that DemetriosX is correct @3, even though the pillow theory was later refuted. The published date (April 2nd) fits perfectly with the date of his death and typical comic lead times.

  8. narmitaj Sep 5th 2017 at 08:30 am 8

    There was a recent case in the UK where there police and paramedics thought a man (a “notorious criminal”) found dead in his garden had died of complications resulting from cardiac surgery… it was only at his post-mortem a week later they realised he had been shot in the chest six six times.

  9. Powers Sep 5th 2017 at 08:44 am 9

    I assumed the joke was that the presence of a pillow in a forest should have been an immediate clue but instead they just assumed it was natural causes (as most deer deaths are).

  10. Dyfsunctional Sep 5th 2017 at 11:03 am 10

    I would argue that exceedingly few wild animals die of natural causes. There’s really only one way to go in the woods, and that’s to become somebody’s lunch. Nobody lives long enough to get cancer, and simple injuries are fatal when they make you the easiest mark for a predator.

  11. John Small Berries Sep 5th 2017 at 01:12 pm 11

    narmitaj’s comment reminds me of a line from Jimmy Breslin’s The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight: “Raymond the Wolf passed away in his sleep one night from natural causes; his heart stopped beating when the three men who slipped into his bedroom stuck knives in it.”

  12. Danny Boy (London Derrière) Sep 5th 2017 at 11:57 pm 12

    On the Difficult People episode I just saw, they think they are going in for auditions for one of the CSI franchise shows. But it turns out to be Celebrity Stand Ins.

  13. Christine Sep 8th 2017 at 09:32 am 13

    Dyfsunctional - I remember reading some book as a teen that took place in a city under siege, and a doctor has just ruled someone’s death to be “natural causes”, then remarks bitterly to his friend “if you consider starvation to be a natural cause”. I’d say that predation definitely fits that definition.

    John Small Berries - That reminds me of Heinlein’s observation that in the end, all deaths can be referred to as heart failure.

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