You know, maybe it’s just me…

Cidu Bill on Aug 7th 2017


but I really enjoy it when Mrs. Olsen kicks him in the ass.

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  1. Kamino Neko Aug 7th 2017 at 11:00 pm 1

    It’s always fun when someone gets one over on a smartarse.

    Even when I’m the one being a smartarse.

  2. Arthur Aug 7th 2017 at 11:20 pm 2

    I don’t think she did win. Frazz joked about doing things at a
    modern, fast pace. It was a joke based on her wanting things
    slower. She actually ordered it at an even faster, more modern
    pace, which contradicted her own wishes.

  3. Treesong Aug 8th 2017 at 12:36 am 3

    She knows what parts of modern life are worth the speeding up.

  4. Kilby Aug 8th 2017 at 04:39 am 4

    Frazz has not been hitting on all four cylinders lately. Personally, I felt that the specific reference to “Amazon” was a serious defect in this strip.

  5. DemetriosX Aug 8th 2017 at 05:08 am 5

    I’m with Bill on Frazz getting smacked occasionally. It’s ironic that Bradbury would have been horrified by Mrs. Olsen’s downloading of his book. I seem to recall that he resisted electronic versions of his work for a really long time. It might even be that e-versions only came out after his death.

  6. tigalilee Aug 8th 2017 at 07:35 am 6

    @ Kamino Neko (1) yes! Nothing makes me laugh harder than when someone is able to get me with a zinger! I’m the quick-witted, sarcastic jokester so I thoroughly respect it when someone can nail my azz! Even if I have a comeback, I’d rather bow my head and give them a touché!

  7. Brent Aug 12th 2017 at 04:13 am 7

    Actually, my OAC (grade 13) English thesis was on this… nostalgia in Ray Bradbury’s works.

    @Arthur (2): There isn’t a contradiction here. There’s nothing wrong missing the past while living in the present… nostalgia only becomes a problem when you start thinking that you really can “go home again”. You can’t recreate that time now. And even if you had a time machine and went back there it wouldn’t work… because you’ve also changed. This is how the “suck fairy” gets into your favourite books from years ago and ruins them when you revisit them now.

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