Because they don’t burst when softly tossed at somebody’s face from a short distance?

Cidu Bill on Aug 2nd 2017


If so, what what really puzzles me is that Marla is agreeing with the customer rather than internalizing some “all customers are idiots” thought.

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  1. John Small Berries Aug 2nd 2017 at 09:36 pm 1

    Well… yes. Water balloons are designed to burst easily when they hit a surface. The fact that it not only bounced off the kid’s face, but then bounced off the floor without bursting, means that they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to.

    And Marla probably agreed because it was indeed an effective demonstration of the balloons’ defectiveness. An “all customers are idiots” response would have been justifiable if the balloon had burst, and drenched the merchandise nearby (though then the artist would have had to draw backgrounds instead of leaving a featureless void around the characters).

  2. James Pollock Aug 2nd 2017 at 10:30 pm 2

    “Because they don’t burst when softly tossed at somebody’s face from a short distance?”

    Yeah, that, plus apparently you can carry them around in a purse without breaking them.

  3. Chipper Aug 2nd 2017 at 11:11 pm 3

    That result just indicates they need more water per balloon, stretching them just below their breaking point.

  4. mitch4 Aug 3rd 2017 at 01:57 am 4

    She is pleased that the child is made the recipient rather than the perpetrator of the balloon attack.

  5. fleabane Aug 3rd 2017 at 02:15 am 5

    But why is this supposed to be funny. “I want to return this rubber ball/battery/can opener/etc.” “Why” .. demonstrates item doesn’t bounce/have a charge/puncture a can/etc…. “Fair enough”. It’s funny because …. it’s true????


    One can purchase water balloons? And they are returnable?

  6. Kilby Aug 3rd 2017 at 02:39 am 6

    @ fleabane (5) - This strip is funny (or rather “slightly ironic”) because on the one occasion that the cartoonist would be justified in having the cashier at least think (if not comment) that “all customers are idiots” (*), instead she agrees with the hypothesis that the product is defective(**), rather than the customer’s brain.

    P.S. (*) - The “idiot customer” vs. “intolerant cashier” theme is so prevalent in all the “Retail” strips that have appeared at CIDU that I have never felt inclined to follow it.

    P.P.S. (**) - see Chipper @3: All water ballons become relatively impervious when they are underfilled.

    P.P.P.S. And yes, you can purchase water balloons in bulk. The container shown here looks very much like one we recently bought for our kids. The bottle serves as a reservoir, and the handle is a pump that can be used to fill the balloons from a nozzle (not shown here). It’s a lot easier than using a faucet, since the nozzle is narrow enough to make it easy to fit a balloon onto it.

  7. Terrence Feenstra Aug 3rd 2017 at 07:04 am 7

    I will not buy this record, it is scratched.

  8. Kilby Aug 3rd 2017 at 08:10 am 8

    @ Terrence Feenstra (7) - Could be worse, you could have been offered a dead parrot.

    P.S. Several years ago I purchased two different DVD sets from Amazon (in one order). Each set had four disks, and in both cases there was one disk that had a defect, which I (of course) did not discover until after I had opened them. The first defect was a miniscule bubble on the surface, right in the middle of the “data” side. This caused the reader to skip, so that about 5 to 10 minutes of the contents were unplayable. The other problem was a series of little beads that had formed all along the entire circumference of the disk (when the coating material was “spun” off of the disk). That disk would still play, but it sounded ominously like a jet engine turbine when it was spinning. proved to be very easy to deal with. I asked whether I could get replacements, but they said that would be too complicated, so they simply refunded the purchase price (for both sets). OK, then I asked where I should send in the defective sets, and they said “don’t bother, it’s not necessary”. So I ended up with a pair of 3/4th sets for free, if I discount the time I spent on “red tape”.

  9. Brian Aug 3rd 2017 at 10:30 am 9

    “You had one job, water balloon, one job!”

  10. larK Aug 3rd 2017 at 11:09 am 10

    Why comment when Kilby @ 6 says everything I could possibly want to say?

    (So why did I comment then?)

  11. Carolyn Aug 3rd 2017 at 11:25 am 11

    Forget those old fashioned water balloons you had to fill indivdually…

  12. Kilby Aug 3rd 2017 at 11:56 am 12

    @ larK (10) - In order to inflate the unsuspecting victim’s ego just before someone else comes along and punctures it.

    P.S. @ Carolyn (11) - I saw one of those gadgets just recently at a toy store here (for about the same price). It’s a brilliant idea, but I decided not to buy it (yet), because I’m afraid what my kids would do when offered virtually unlimited hydro-ammo. There is something to be said for making them fill and tie one at a time.

  13. chakolate Aug 3rd 2017 at 05:10 pm 13


    Welcome to my world. I don’t get to the site until quite late in the day, then no matter what brilliant or hilarious or insightful comment I have to make, I find that someone has made it before me. And said it more brilliantly, more hilariously, or more insightfully than I was going to.

    Le sigh.

  14. furrykef Aug 4th 2017 at 03:03 am 14

    fleabane @5: I think the idea is that a water balloon that bounces off someone’s face, and then the floor, without bouncing is inherently funny. (It didn’t make me laugh, but hardly anything does, so that doesn’t mean much…)

  15. CaroZ Aug 4th 2017 at 07:09 am 15

    Why are they both touching what looks like a large hand-soap dispenser with multicolored stuff inside it? Does this device have something to do with the water balloons? Or is it some retail equivalent to the Saudi Glowing Orb?

  16. Kilby Aug 4th 2017 at 07:27 am 16

    @ CaroZ - The “bottle” is both the container in which the balloons are sold, and the filling mechanism that I mentioned in the P.P.S. @6.

  17. Brian in STL Aug 6th 2017 at 06:40 pm 17

    I did not know that there were actual water balloons, as opposed to regular balloons that miscreants would fill with water to perform acts of mayhem. I miss those days.

  18. Kilby Aug 7th 2017 at 01:42 am 18

    @ Brian (17) - The balloons that are intentionally sold as “water” balloons these days are both smaller and have thinner latex than standard “party” balloons. Not only does this make them much less expensive to manufacture (which is why they can be sold in massive quantities), it means that they can be held and thrown even by a small kid. Regular party balloons will easily take one or even two quarts of water before they reach “poppability”. Sure, they might make a much more drenching weapon, but what’s the use of size if one cannot deliver the missile to its target?

  19. James Pollock Aug 7th 2017 at 02:35 am 19

    “I did not know that there were actual water balloons”

    There have been water balloons, sold as “water balloons”, for at least 40 years.
    Currently, the push is to sell “water balloons” that are biodegradable and that shatter into small bits, to avoid problems when birds eat the fragments.

    The largest challenge was always getting the things properly tied off, since water balloons are smaller than air balloons, so they don’t have as much neck to tie with and the water really, really wants to come back out while you’re messing with tying it. This gave a major advantage to older brothers in any sibling water-balloon fight.

  20. Meryl A Aug 9th 2017 at 01:31 am 20

    chakolate - I am worse than you. I come on the group on Monday nights - some weeks like this one I come back to finish reading and posting on Tuesday also. So by the time I get on the group for some strips (like this post) it is long after everyone else has read and posted.

  21. Meryl A Aug 9th 2017 at 01:42 am 21

    The Retail strip mostly centers on stupid or annoying customers and stupid or annoying upper management- okay, also less often stupid assistant managers. While the characters are likeable, what I really like about reading the strips is the general lack of intelligence in the people posting about it (sorry if I offend anyone here who also posts there - not everyone is stupid who posts there - just most of them). That is the exact opposite of this list in which I find everyone to be the most intelligent and erudite group of people online (and often tell my husband so about all of you). I enjoy answering them when they treat it as if it is real life or when they seem to have no idea of real life or the difference between our Federal and State/local governments and what they legally can do. One poster is obsessed with the fact that one employee has long bangs so one eye or the other is covered by his hair and he thinks the fellow is a cyclops. I find more humor in the posters, than the strip.

  22. DanV Aug 9th 2017 at 11:27 am 22

    I thought the kid’s facial expressions were the funniest part of the strip. Sort of, “I can’t believe my mom is making me go through with this.”

  23. Winter Wallaby Aug 9th 2017 at 01:19 pm 23

    Meryl #21: I’ve actually found the commenting on the Retail comic pretty good. (I don’t comment there myself, though.)

  24. Meryl A Aug 16th 2017 at 01:36 am 24

    Winter Wallaby -

    I am read it on Comics Kingdom and I think there is an actual site with comments also - so maybe we are different ones. The posters on CK seem to have little idea of business or laws.

    Come late October or early November there will be a repeat of the discussion about how the Federal government should make it illegal for any business to be open on Thanksgiving or Christmas. When pushed they will agree to hospital, police and fire personnel working. I generally ask them what they will do when no one is working - no movies, no restaurants, no utility workers monitoring same - so the utilities may have to shut down, no TV as there is no one at the station/network/cable co to monitor it either - certainly no news, etc.

    There is a general thought of those on the list that anyone the company decides to put on salary - no matter their job or their salary - no longer gets overtime, when one has to be a manager of at least 3 people, a professional or make over a certain salary for same to apply.

    In a discussion about taking inventory they think it is taken at the whim of the upper management - no idea of the need for same to be taken for tax or publically traded stock regulations - “why don’t they just use the electronic records of what was bought and sold”? No idea of allowing for items which were not sold (or donated by the store) and have disappeared.

    And one fellow insists that Donny is a cyclops - he even gets excited when Donny is shown from the other side - “the eye has moved”.

    Not sane, intelligent people as on this group.

  25. Meryl A Aug 16th 2017 at 01:37 am 25

    That should say “maybe we are ON different ones”

  26. James Pollock Aug 16th 2017 at 04:06 am 26

    “In a discussion about taking inventory they think it is taken at the whim of the upper management”

    Sometimes it IS a whim of the upper management. Or middle management. Or just the warehouse manager. Inventory for tax purposes is just one of the reasons to compare what the books say is in the warehouse against what is actually in the warehouse.

    Highly recommended: The science fiction story “Allamagoosa”. It’s good. It won awards.

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